Consultation Papers in Archive (2001)


Consultation Paper Closing Date
 Proposed Clinical Waste Control Scheme (pdf format) 31.12.2001
 Proposed Legislation for the Prevention of Child Pornography (pdf format) 30.11.2001
 Implementation of Full Liberalization of Local Fixed Telecommunications Network Services Market from January 1, 2003 (pdf format) 27.11.2001
 Consultation Paper on Corporate Governance Review phase I proposals (pdf format) 15.10.2001
 Consultation Paper on "A Broader-Based Tax System for Hong Kong?" (pdf format), Audio version (Real Media format) 6.10.2001
 Consultation Paper on Gambling Review (pdf format), Audio version (Real Media format) 5.10.2001
 Consultation Paper on Draft Urban Renewal Strategy (pdf Format) 30.9.2001
 Consultation Paper on Ways to Improve Security Personnel Licensing Scheme (pdf format) 30.9.2001
 Review of the Roles and Functions of the District Councils (pdf format) 10.9.2001
 Consultation Paper on Arrangements for Implementing "Through-train" Mode (pdf format) 10.9.2001
 Consultation Paper on Inspection and Categorization of Food Establishments (pdf format) 31.7.2001
 Consultation Paper on Housing Assistance Scheme for Junior Disciplined Services Staff (pdf format) 13.6.2001
 Consultation Paper of Culture and Heritage Commission (pdf format, Chinese only ) 31.5.2001
 Consultation Paper on Genetically Modified Food Labelling (doc format) 31.5.2001
 Consultation Paper on Proposed Amendments to the Water Pollution Control Ordinance (doc format) 4.5.2001
 Consultation Paper on Civil Service Provident Fund Scheme 30.4.2001
Consultation Paper on Class Licence for Terminal Equipment (pdf format) 6.4.2001
 Consultation Paper on Health Care Reform (pdf format) 31.3.2001
 Consultation Paper on Local Completed Residential Properties (pdf format) 31.3.2001
 Consultation Paper on the Review of the Licensing Policy of Massage Establishments (pdf format) 22.3.2001
 Consultation Paper on Contracts for the Supply of Goods (pdf format) 28.2.2001
 Consultation Paper on Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Hong Kong (doc format) 28.2.2001
 Report on Computer Related Crime (pdf format) 28.2.2001
 Consultation Paper on Enhancing Deposit protection in Hong Kong (pdf format) 17.1.2001


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