Consultation Papers in Archive (2002)


Consultation Paper Closing Date
 Consultation Document on Proposals to Implement Article 23 of the Basic Law (pdf format) 24.12.2002
 Outline of topics for the second report on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (doc format) 13.12.2002
 Proposal to Replace the "Certification of Employment by Prospective Employer" Criterion for Issuing a Security Personnel Permit (pdf format) 15.11.2002
 Consultation Paper on the Establishment of the Film Guarantee Fund (pdf format) 6.11.2002
 Draft Report Outline of Second Report under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (pdf format), Audio version (Real Media format) 26.10.2002
 Consultation Paper on Proposed Arrangements for the Conduct of Village Representative Elections (pdf format) 30.9.2002
 Consultation Paper on the Creation of a Class Licence for the Provision of Public Wireless Local Area Network Services (pdf format) 15.9.2002
 Consultation on Telecommunications (Competition Provisions) Appeal Board Rules (doc format) 14.9.2002
 Review of the Role of the Official Receiver's Office (pdf format) 31.8.2002
 Interoperability Framework for E-Government (pdf format) 30.8.2002
 Consultation Document of Working Party on Harmonisation of Pre-primary Services (doc format) 31.7.2002
 Harbour Area Treatment Scheme: Moving Forward 27.7.2002
 Consultation Paper on Special Number Arrangements (pdf format) 26.7.2002
 Civil Justice Reform (pdf format) 30.6.2002
 Review of Civil Service Pay Policy and System (doc forrnat) 30.6.2002
 Second Public Consultation on Deposit Insurance (pdf format) 31.5.2002
 Creation of Class Licence for In-building Telecommunications Systems (pdf format) 30.4.2002
 Consultation Paper on Review of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance 30.4.2002
 Independent Police Complaints Council Bill (pdf format) 12.4.2002
 Continuing Professional Development of Principals (pdf format) 6.4.2002
 Proposed amendments to the Conveyancing and Property Ordinance (doc format) 31.3.2002
 Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision & Strategy (Stage II) 15.3.2002
 Reduction of Licence Fee for the Mobile Carrier Licences (doc format) 1.2.2002


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