Consultation Papers in Archive (2013)


Consultation Paper Closing Date
Public Consultation on Renewal of the Domestic Pay Television Programme Service Licence of PCCW Media Limited 30.11.2013
Public Consultation on 2014 Digital 21 Strategy 30.11.2013
Task Force on External Lighting Document for Engaging Stakeholders and the Public 18.11.2013
Government issues consultation document on parody 15.11.2013
Consultation Paper Proposes Repealing Excepted Offences in Criminal Procedure Ordinance 23.9.2013
Public Consultation on Draft of Recommended Guidelines for HIV Infection and Health Care Workers 16.9.2013
Public Consultation on Proposed Regulatory Regime for Stored Value Facilities and Retail Payment Systems 22.8.2013
Consultation on the Demarcation of District Boundary between Eastern and Wan Chai Districts 17.8.2013
Stage 2 Public Engagement for Tung Chung New Town Extension Study 21.7.2013
Consultation on Improvement of Corporate Insolvency Law 15.7.2013
Public Views on Stage 2 Enhancing Land Supply Strategy Invited 21.6.2013
Our Future Railway" Stage 2 Public Engagement exercise 20.5.2013
Public Consultation on Proposed Measures to Improve the Traffic Distribution among the Road Harbour Crossings 7.5.2013
Public Consultation on New Producer Responsibility Scheme for Glass Beverage Bottles 6.5.2013
Consultation on Fine-tuning of Through-train Mode and Feeder/ Nominated School Systems 20.4.2013
Public Consultation on Quality and Variety of free TV programmes 2.4.2013
Public Consultation on Draft Enforcement Guidelines of Trade Descriptions (Unfair Trade Practices)(Amendment) Ordinance 2012 17.3.2013
Public Consultation for Reform of the Law on Adverse Possession 15.3.2013
Public views invited on report to United Nations Human Rights Council under Universal Periodic Review mechanism 8.3.2013
Consultation on Proposed Updates to Safety Standards for Toys and Children's Products 28.2.2013
Public Consultation on Hong Kong Code of Marketing and Quality of Formula Milk and Related Products, and
Food Products for Infants and Young Children
Public Consultation on Introduction of Seismic-resistant Building Design Standards in Hong Kong 28.2.2013
Consultation on Legislative Amendments to Import and Export (General) Regulations 18.2.2013
Consultation on Key Legislative Amendments for Establishment of Independent Insurance Authority 26.1.2013
Public Consultation on the Legislative Proposals Relating to Formula Products and Foods Intended for Infants and Young Children 21.1.2013
Consultation on Proposal to Impose Concentration Limits of Phthalates in Toys and Child Care Articles 19.1.2013



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