Consultation Papers in Archive (2016)


Consultation Paper Closing Date
Public Consultation on Proposed Updates to Toys and Children's Products Safety Standards 31.12.2016
Consultation on Measures to Counter Base Erosion and Profit Shifting 31.12.2016
Consultation on Revision of Statutory Fees and Charges related to Civil Aviation 14.12.2016
Public Engagement on Promotion of Sustainable Consumption of Biological Resources 15.11.2016
Amendments to the Waterworks Ordinance (Cap. 102) and Waterworks Regulations (Cap. 102A) Construction, etc. of Fire Services and Inside Services and Updating of Technical Requirements and Pipe and Fitting Standards for Plumbing Works 11.11.2016
Creation of a Class Licence for Regulating the Use of and Trade in 79 GHz Automotive Radars under Section 7B(2) of the Telecommunications Ordinance (Chapter 106) 4.11.2016
Public Consultation on Consultancy Report on Sport for People with Disabilities in Hong Kong 4.11.2016
Public consultation on domestic free television programme service licence application commences 3.11.2016
Public Consultation on the Review of the MTR Fare Adjustment Mechanism 19.8.2016
Consultation on Working Hours Policy Directions 24.7.2016
Public Consultation on the Development of Trade Single Window in Hong Kong 12.7.2016
Public Engagement Exercise on Retirement Protection 21.6.2016
Consultation on the draft Code of Practice for Employment Agencies 17.6.2016
Hong Kong to Negotiate Free Trade Agreements with Georgia and Maldives 6.6.2016
Industry Consultation on Beauty Industry Draft Specifications of Competency Standards 15.5.2016
Public Engagement exercise for Lantau Development 30.4.2016
Public Consultation on New Franchise for Bus Network of KMB 18.4.2016
Public Consultation on Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Hong Kong 7.4.2016
Second Round Public Consultation on Enactment of Apology Legislation 5.4.2016
Recommendations of the Law Reform Commission Report on Child Custody and Access 25.3.2016
Public Engagement for Electronic Road Pricing Pilot Scheme 18.3.2016
Government Seeks Industry Views on IT Professional Services Procurement Arrangement 15.3.2016
Consultation on Third Party Funding for Arbitration 18.1.2016
Public Consultation on Enhancement of Voter Registration System 8.1.2016
Consultation on Promotion of STEM Education 4.1.2016



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