Consultation Papers in Archive (2018)

Consultation Papers in Archive 2018

Consultation Paper Closing Date
Proposed Updates to Safety Standards for Toys and Children's Products Public Consultation 31.12.2018
Public consultation on supply of recycled water in Hong Kong 17.12.2018
Public Consultation on Proposed Code of Practice on 3rd Party Funding of Arbitration and Mediation 30.10.2018
HKMA Consultation on Exploring Opportunities of Global Financial Innovation Network 14.10.2018
Public Consultation on Legislative Proposal to Upgrade Old Industrial Buildings Fire Safety 8.10.2018
Public Consultation on the Legislative Proposal on Regulation of Mercury, Mercury Compounds and Mercury-Added Products 5.10.2018
Consultation Document on Legislative Amendment of Cap. 374 30.9.2018
Assignment Arrangements of spectrum in 3.3 GHz and 4.9 GHz Bands Public Consultation 26.9.2018
Task Force on Land Supply Public Engagement Exercise 26.9.2018
Hong Kong and Mainland Proposed Arrangement on Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters Reciprocal Recognition and Enforcement Consultation 24.9.2018
Public Consultation on Review of Private Recreational Leases 19.9.2018
Consultation Document on the Preliminary Recommendations of the Task Force on Home-school Co-operation and Parent Education 14.9.2018
Publishing Records of Conviction, Revocation/Refusal of Renewal of Licence and Written Warnings of Employment Agencies 7.9.2018
Task Force on Review of Self-financing Post-secondary Education - Consultation Document 31.8.2018
Periodical Payments for Future Pecuniary Loss in Personal Injury Cases Public Consultation 24.8.2018
Public Consultation on Spectrum in 26 GHz and 28 GHz Bands Assignment Arrangements 22.8.2018
Public Consultation on Preliminary Proposals for Reform of Law Concerning Miscellaneous Sexual Offences 15.8.2018
Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Hong Kong Consultancy Study and Way Forward Consultation Paper 3.7.2018
Arrangements for Assignment of the Spectrum in the 3.4 – 3.6 GHz Band for the Provision of Public Mobile Services and the Related Spectrum Utilisation Fee 13.6.2018
Public Consultation on Regulation of Advanced Therapy Products 2.6.2018
Public Consultation on 4th CEDAW Report 31.5.2018
Review of Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulatory Regimes 19.5.2018
3rd Report to UNHRC Universal Periodic Review Mechanism on HKSAR Section Public Consultation 7.5.2018
1st Stage Public Consultation on New Hong Kong Rehabilitation Programme Plan 4.5.2018
Public Consultation on Proposed Continuing Powers of Attorney Legislation 28.4.2018
Public Consultation on Use of the 5 GHz Shared Band for Public Mobile Services 1.3.2018
Public Consultation on Implementation of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 12.1.2018


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