Transport & Motoring

Transport & Motoring

Safety Measures / Information

Fluid Grids

Road Safety

Safe Driving and Good Health

A competent motorist should not only stay alert while driving, but also pay attention to personal health.  In this article, you will know how to establish a safe driving attitude and acquire the related health information.

Cycling Information Centre

Cycling Information Centre (CIC) is a one-stop information platform for the public at large who are interested in leisure cycling activities.  You can find relevant information on locations of cycle tracks and cycle park sites, safe cycling tips, education and promotion activities etc, as well as information on major on-going cycle projects, temporary closure/diversion of cycle tracks here etc. Besides, this CIC provides relevant links to other Government departments who are responsible for planning, management and maintenance of cycling facilities/venues and enforcement.

Road Users' Code

The Road User Code published by the Transport Department lays down the rules, advice and information for all types of road users to ensure the safe and efficient use of road system.

Driving-offence Points System

Here you can learn the operation of the System and its effect.

Mandatory Attendance of Driving Improvement Course

From 9 February 2009, the Driving Improvement Course will be made mandatory for traffic offenders. Learn about the objective of the course, which categories of drivers are required to attend the course on a mandatory basis, other related information as well as road safety tips here.

Driver Improvement Scheme & Driving Improvement Schools

The Scheme launched by the Transport Department aims to promote road safety and convey proper driving behavior and attitude to drivers. You can locate the contact information of the Government designated driving improvement schools here.

Handling Emergency Traffic Incidents by Motorists

Find out what to do when your vehicle breaks down or encounters a traffic accident. Tips on road safety and claiming compensation are also available.

Road Safety Tips

Check out the road safety reminders and tips here.

Road Safety Bulletin

The Road Safety Bulletin is jointly produced by the Transport Department and the Road Safety Council, which provides the latest road and traffic safety messages to all road users. You may browse the Road Safety Bulletin in this website.

Pleasure Vessel Safety

Safety Tips for Boating

Here you can learn how to operate a pleasure vessel safely, so that you and your passengers can enjoy safe and fun boat trips in the waters of Hong Kong.

Guidelines For Boaters - The Dos & Don'ts

While enjoying the fun of boating, pleasure vessel operators should also ensure safety in the sea and protect the marine environment.  Check out the guidelines on safe operation here.

Traffic Separation Schemes/Principal Fairways

The purpose of providing Principal Fairways and Traffic Separation Schemes is to improve the safety of navigation in areas where traffic density is high or traffic movement is restricted. Check out the 16 Principal Fairways and 2 Traffic Separation Schemes in the waters of Hong Kong here.

Speed Restricted Zones for Vessels

There are multiple speed-restricted zones in Hong Kong waters. Check out the speed limits for specific months and time zones here.

Safety Guidelines during Fireworks Displays or Major Events at Sea

This article provides the safety guidelines for boating activities during fireworks displays or other major events at sea.

Air Traffic Control Safety

Air Traffic Control Equipment for the Airport

Here you can learn the functions of various air traffic control equipment for the Hong Kong International Airport.

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)

The Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) was implemented in Hong Kong in 2002 to enhance the airspace capacity and optimisation of operational efficiency.

Aviation Knowledge

Civil Aviation Department – Aviation Education Path (Free Admission)

Exhibits and models are provided to showcase visitors the development of the civil aviation industry in Hong Kong to enhance their knowledge and interest in aviation.

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