Driving Offence Points System

The Driving-offence Points system is designed to deter habitual traffic offenders and to improve standards of driving in order to reduce the accident toll.

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How the System Works

When drivers commit certain traffic offences, in addition to the penalties, they will incur driving-offence points. The System is laid down in the Road Traffic (Driving-offence Points) Ordinance, Chapter 375. Any scheduled offence committed will incur driving-offence points where:

  • the driver is convicted by any Court; or
  • the driver becomes liable to the fixed penalty.

Which Offences Attract Points

The system includes more than 50 scheduled offences, which are all related to road safety. The number of points incurred for each offence ranges from 3 to 10. You can refer to the link below for a list of the scheduled offences and the number of points attracted.

List of scheduled offences

When 8 Points are Incurred

If you have accumulated 8 points or more, but less than 15 points, the Transport Department will issue an Advice of Driving-offence Points to you. This advice details your driving-offence points in respect of the offences committed within 2 years and reminds you of the consequences when some more points are accumulated. The advice aims to alert you to improve your driving behaviour.

When 10 Points are Incurred

If you have incurred 10 or more points in respect of offences committed within a period of 2 years, you are required by law to attend the Driving Improvement Course. The Transport Department will issue an Obligatory Attendance of Driving Improvement Notice to you. You must attend the course at your own cost within 3 months from the issue date of this notice.

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When 15 Points are Incurred

If you have incurred 15 or more points in respect of offences committed within a period of 2 years, a summons will be issued against you. You can be disqualified from driving by a Court. The period of disqualification upon conviction for the first time is 3 months, and will then be increased to 6 months for any subsequent convictions.

Cancellation of Points

After a disqualification order is made, the driving-offence points shown in the summons will be cancelled. But if you have incurred other driving-offence points not listed in the summons, those points will be carried forward.

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Deduction of Points

Participants who have successfully completed the Driving Improvement Course will be eligible for deduction of 3 driving-offence points. But no point will be deducted if you:

  • have not incurred any points on the date of completion of the course;
  • have incurred 15 or more points on the date of completion of the course; or
  • have already been deducted points within the past 2 years.
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Enquiry about Your Traffic Conviction Record

You can apply for a Certificate of Traffic Conviction Record which contains your Driving-offence Points Record from the Police. Application can be made in person, by agent, by post, through drop-in box, by email or by fax. Requested records can only be issued upon application, together with payment of the prescribed fee and full settlement of all outstanding court orders by the applicants.

Police Traffic Conviction Records Office
11/F, Arsenal house, Police Headquarters, 1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai
Office Hour:
Monday – Friday: 9 am to 12:45 pm and 2 pm to 4:30 pm
Tel: 2866 6552
Email: sco-ctpd-traffic@police.gov.hk

Download application form (pdf file)More about the application procedures for the Certificates of Traffic Conviction Records

Service of Summons

When you have incurred 15 or more points in respect of offences committed within a period of 2 years, a summons will be served on you by ordinary post at your address registered in the Transport Department. If you do not appear in court at the scheduled time, the summons will be served on you again by registered post.

Deemed Service of Summons

The legislation has been amended to enable a more effective service of a summons. From 29 May 2009 onwards, a summons is deemed to have been served if it is served on you by registered post at your address registered in the Transport Department, even if it is returned undelivered to you.

Failing to Appear in Court

If a summons is served or deemed to have been served on you and you do not appear at the time and place specified in the summons, the court may issue an arrest warrant against you. Moreover, the Transport Department shall refuse to issue, re-issue or renew the driving licence for you.

Update Your Address

It is important to keep your personal particulars with the Transport Department up-to-date, including your address, to facilitate the correspondence between you and the Transport Department. If there is any change to your name, address or identity document number, you should, within 72 hours after the change, notify the Transport Department in writing or by submitting the completed Transport Department Form (TD559) together with the proof of change. Application for change of address can also be made online.

Online application for change of addressDownload “Change of Personal Particulars and Vehicle Particulars” form (TD559) (pdf file)
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