Safety Guidelines during Fireworks Displays or Major Events at Sea

This article provides the safety guidelines for boating activities during fireworks displays or other major events at sea, which covers the points to which attention of passengers, crew members and every participant should be drawn.


For Passengers

Passengers should pay attention to the following:-

  • Find out the vessel’s emergency exits before the vessel departs.
  • Have in mind the location of lifejackets and learn how to put them on once on board a vessel.
  • Avoid clustering on one side of the vessel.
  • Stay calm in an emergency situation and follow the instructions of the coxswain and crew.
  • The adult accompanying a child between the age of 2 to 12 years must ensure that the child wears a suitable lifejacket at all times.

For Crew Members

Crew members should pay attention to the following:-

  • Vessels must refrain from overloading, be covered by proper third party risks insurance and have a valid operating licence.
  • The coxswain must keep a list of all persons on board.
  • The coxswain or crew should not operate a vessel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The coxswain must comply with the updated “International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972”.
  • The coxswain must observe speed limits, navigate at a safe speed and maintain a proper lookout at all times.
  • The coxswain and crew should follow the directions of the Marine Department or Marine Police officers.
  • The coxswain should not hurry away from the viewing area immediately after a major event, and should go alongside a pier in an orderly manner to allow passengers to disembark safely.



In addition to the above, everyone should pay attention to the following:-

  • Observe marine traffic regulating measures when participating in major events at sea.
  • For public safety, ferry services will only be resumed about 50 minutes after a fireworks display, which normally takes place at central Victoria Harbour.

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