Cross-boundary Driving

With the increasing economic integration between Hong Kong and the Mainland, cross-boundary traffic has become more frequent than ever. If you need to drive your private car across the boundary, provided that you have a private car registered in Hong Kong and possess a valid full Hong Kong driving licence, here is how to apply for the licences and permits required by both the Hong Kong and Guangdong Governments. Useful information and advice for driving across the boundary can also be found.

General Requirements

To drive across the boundary, you need to have approval for your car and the driver. You have to apply for a Mainland driving licence, an Approval Notice for the vehicle and driver from the Guangdong Public Security Bureau and a closed road permit for the vehicle from the Transport Department. You should also complete other formalities in the Mainland.

Application for Mainland Driving Licence

Any Hong Kong residents holding a valid full Hong Kong driving licence can apply for the direct issue of the Mainland driving licence for private car from the Guangdong Public Security Bureau.

You must apply in person at the licensing counter of any of the designated Vehicle Control Offices in Guangdong Province. For details of the application requirements, you may contact the Guangdong Public Security Bureau at 86-20-36220800 or visit the website of the Guangdong Public Security Bureau.

Application for Approval Notice

To be eligible for an Approval Notice from the Guangdong Public Security Bureau, you need to meet the requirements stipulated by the Bureau. For more details on the eligibility and other requirements for the application of the Approval Notice, you may contact the Guangdong Public Security Bureau or browse the information below:

Application for Approval Notice issued by the Guangdong Public Security Bureau (available in Chinese only)

Application for Closed Road Permit

Upon obtaining the Approval Notice from the Guangdong Public Security Bureau, you need to apply for a closed road permit from the Transport Department in Hong Kong.

To apply for the closed road permit, you need to submit a duly completed application form (Form TD 547D) together with the required supporting documents to the Cross Boundary Unit of the Transport Department in person, by agent, by post or through the drop-in box at the following address:

Cross Boundary Unit
The Transport Department
Room 1032, 10/F, Harbour Building
38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong

Service Hours
Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5:15 pm

General Enquiries
Hotline: 2804 2600

You may download the application form by clicking the link below, or obtain the form from any of the Licensing Offices of the Transport Department.

Download application form for closed road permit for cross boundary vehicles (Form TD 547D) (pdf file)List of Licensing Offices

Except for unavailability of quotas, we normally process new applications in around five working days.

Required Documents

The required supporting documents for an individual applicant of a private car include the following:

  • original fourth copy of valid Approval Notice issued by the Guangdong Public Security Bureau
  • copy of Hong Kong identity card
  • copy of valid Hong Kong vehicle registration document (both front and back page)
  • copy of valid Hong Kong driving licence
  • copy of Certificate of Approval for Establishment of Enterprises with Investment of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Overseas Chinese / Foreign Investment in the PRC or Mainland appointment document if applicable

For a company applicant of a private car, in addition to the supporting documents listed above (except copy of Hong Kong identity card), the following should also be provided:

  • copy of valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate
  • certified extract of Information on the Business Registrar issued by the Inland Revenue Department recently (for unlimited company); or certified copy of the latest Company Particulars Search results provided by the Company Registry or Annual Return (certified by the Company Registry or a HK Certified Public Accountant or solicitor) (for limited company)

If it is an overseas company not registered in Hong Kong, then the following additional documents have to be provided:

  • Certificate of Incorporation and its list of directors (certified by a HK Certified Public Accountant or solicitor), authorisation letter and the above two documents of the authorized HK company

Please ensure that the vehicle should possess with valid Hong Kong vehicle licence when apply for and upon issue of Closed Road Permit.

Permit Fee

The fee for a closed road permit in respect of a private car is HK$ 540 per year.

Access to Shenzhen Bay Port

With a valid closed road permit, you may drive your car across the boundary via the control point specified on the permit. At present, there are four vehicular boundary crossings, i.e. Lok Ma Chau, Sha Tau Kok, Man Kam To and Shenzhen Bay Port. Shenzhen Bay Port is the fourth vehicular boundary crossing newly opened in July 2007.

Traffic Arrangements

A section of access road to and from Shenzhen Bay Port is currently designated as a closed road. Except taxis, only vehicles with a valid closed road permit are allowed to enter the road. Vehicles without closed road permits have to return to Tuen Mun or Yuen Long via Ha Tsuen Interchange. Check below for the map showing the traffic arrangements at Shenzhen Bay Port.

Map on traffic arrangements at Shenzhen Bay Port (pdf file)

Shenzhen Bay Port initially runs for 17.5 hours a day, from 6:30 am to midnight. Roads leading to Shenzhen Bay Port will be closed about 30 minutes before the Port ceases operation. You should ensure that there is adequate time to arrive at Shenzhen Bay Port for completing the arrival or departure procedures. With effect from 26 May 2008, cross-boundary private cars with closed road permits for Shenzhen Bay Port are allowed to use the Lok Ma Chau crossing during the overnight period from midnight to 6:30 am until further notice.

Besides, Shenzhen Bay Bridge may be closed during inclement weather. You should pay attention to the latest traffic information.

Insurance Coverage

You may wish to take note of the insurance arrangements for driving to the Hong Kong Port Area of Shenzhen Bay Port. The following link shows you more details about the extension of insurance coverage to the Hong Kong Port Area of Shenzhen Bay Port following its opening.

More on insurance coverage
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