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Rates & Government Rent


Owners and occupiers of properties in Hong Kong are liable to pay rates. Learn more about how rateable value is assessed, how to make payment, and how you can raise objections to a valuation or revaluation. Forms for serving notices of objection and proposals are also available for download here.

Government Rent

Learn about the types of Government rent and where to find more information.

eRVD Bill Service

Use this online service to receive the electronic demand for rates and/or Government rent issued around early January, April, July and October every year.

Online Enquiries on Rateable Value of Properties

Use this online service to check the rateable value of properties for the latest three years of assessment as recorded in the Valuation List and Government Rent Roll.

Online Enquiries on Rates and Government Rent Balance

Use this online service to make enquiries on your rates and Government rent account balance for payment purposes.

Change of Rates and Government Rent Payer's Particulars

Submit your request for a change of rates and/or Government rent payer's particulars via this online service.

Enquiry on Progress of Submitted Change of Payer’s Particular Request

Enter your transaction reference No. to enquire the progress of submitted change of payer’s particular request.

Online Submission of Forms Relating to Rates, Government Rent and Tenancy Matters

Submit online forms in connection with objections to rating or Government rent assessments, provision of particulars of tenements and endorsement of new lettings or renewal agreements.

Fire Safety in Buildings

Codes of Practice for Minimum Fire Service Installations and Equipment and Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Installations and Equipment

You can download the Code of Practice for Minimum Fire Service Installations and Equipment, and the Code of Practice for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Installations and Equipment here.

An Introduction to the Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance Cap. 572 (PDF File)

Building owners/occupiers of composite buildings and domestic buildings built before 1987 are required to improve and/or upgrade the building fire service installations to the modern standards.

Compliance with Fire Safety Requirements in Various Licensed / Registered Premises

Details about fire safety requirements, important advice, common irregularities and performance targets for food premises, places of public entertainment, school premises / child care centre and dangerous goods premises can be found in this webpage.

Loans for Fire Safety Improvement Works

The Building Safety Loan Scheme provides assistance for owners in improving fire or structural safety of their premises or buildings. You can click here for details.

Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors (PDF File)

You can check out this webpage for the classification of FSI contractors, registration procedures and the list of contractors, etc.

Guidelines on Placing Rubbish Bins in Common Areas of Buildings (PDF File)

These guidelines set out a common standard of placing rubbish bins in common areas and staircase of domestic or composite buildings to ensure fire safety and hygiene.

Contact Us

You can view this webpage for the information about making general enquiries / complaints or reporting fire safety offences.

Electricity & Gas

Periodic Test for Fixed Electrical Installations in Buildings

Owners of electrical installations, including owners’ corporations, the building management agents, landlords, occupiers and tenants, shall have their installations inspected, tested and certified periodically. This webpage provides relevant information for the public and electrical trade members.

Search for Registered Electrical Contractors

Here you can check information on and the authenticity of registered electrical contractors listed in the registers.

Search for Registered Electrical Workers

You can search this register for the information on and the authenticity of electrical workers registered.

Safety Tips for Gas Service Risers and Installation Pipes

As owner, you should arrange to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of service risers and installation pipes to ensure gas safety. This webpage provides relevant information for the public and gas trade members.

List of Registered Gas Contractors (PDF File)

Owner of a service riser and an installation pipe should employ a registered gas contractor to arrange for regular inspection or maintenance for gas installation. You can find a list of registered gas contractors here.

Search for Registered Gas Installers

You can check from this register the authenticity of gas installers and the types of work they can carry out by entering his / her registration number and name.

Avoiding Danger from Gas Pipes (Guide to Estate Management Companies) (PDF File)

This leaflet provides guidance to estate management companies on how to take reasonable measures to supervise refurbishment works that involve excavation near gas pipes within the estate boundary.


Responsible Persons’ Corner – Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Chapter618)

This webpage provides sample tender specification and guidelines for lift/escalator maintenance to assist building owners and management agencies to procure maintenance services.  Information such as Contractors’ Performance Rating, maintenance price information of lifts at Government premises, guidelines and promotional videos related to lift and escalator can also be downloaded in this webpage for the responsible persons to manage the lift and escalator maintenance works.

Guidebook for Responsible Persons for Lifts (PDF File)

Check out this Guidebook for the operation and maintenance of lifts, including legislative requirements, points to note on daily operation, handling of emergencies, contractual and maintenance issues, etc.

List of Registered Lift and Escalator Contractors

Check out the list for the addresses, telephone and fax numbers of registered lift and escalator contractors.

Safe Use of Lifts and Escalators

You can refer to this webpage for the basic guidelines for the safe use of lifts and escalators.

Leaflet – Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Chapter 618) (PDF File)

The Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Chapter 618) (“the Ordinance”) has been coming into operation in December 2012 and repeals the Lifts and Escalators (Safety) Ordinance (Chapter 327).  This leaflet outlines the key measures of the Ordinance.

Guidelines for Modernising Existing Lifts (PDF File)

These Guidelines aim to help lift owners implement enhancement and modernisation solutions to make their existing lifts more safe, effective, reliable, and comfortable.

Guidelines for Safe Use of Lifts and Escalators (PDF File)

This leaflet shows the safety guidelines for use of lifts and escalators

EMSD Web-based Registration Services

Use this online service on MyGovHK to submit electronic applications to EMSD for selected services such as Application for a Use Permit Permitting a Lift to Continue to be Used and Operated, Application for a Use Permit Permitting an Escalator to Continue to be Used and Operated under the relevant statutory controls.

Owner's Corporation

Building Management Legislation

Look for a comprehensive list of ordinances relating to building management in Hong Kong.

Forming an Owners' Corporation

Find out how to form an Owners' Corporation and the advice and assistance the Home Affairs Department can offer. Various sample documents and government forms are also available for download.

Financial Management, Procurement and Insurance of Building Management

This webpage covers aspects of financial budget, control of accounts, tendering procedures including the code of practice on procurement of supplies, goods and services, and the third party risks insurance, etc.

The Daily Operation of Building Management

Learn more about the different aspects of daily operations of building management including environmental hygiene, waste separation, repair and maintenance, crime prevention, etc.

Buying, Renting, Selling & Letting Property

Homeowners' Obligations

Here you can learn about the Government charges for a homeowner and how to maintain your home. A list of registered contractors is also provided.

Renting a Domestic Property

Find out what you should consider when renting a domestic property, from appointing an estate agent and signing a tenancy agreement to paying rents and continuing or terminating a tenancy, and check out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Leasing out a Domestic Property

Learn more about what you need to pay attention to when leasing out your domestic property, such as appointing an estate agent, signing a tenancy agreement, paying stamp duty and related tax filing. You can read about your rights and responsibilities as a landlord here.

Government Properties to Let

Check out what domestic (e.g. surplus staff quarters) and non-domestic (e.g. shops, advertising space, carparks and canteens) government properties are currently available for letting.

Buying a Domestic Property

This article provides information and things to consider for buying a domestic property.

Selling a Domestic Property

This article provides information and points to note for selling a domestic property.

Things to Know about Purchasing First-hand Residential Properties

There are certain things you have to pay attention to when purchasing a first-hand residential property. This article will provide some tips for you.

Land Records & Database of Property

Building Records Access and Viewing On-line (BRAVO) System

Buildings Department's BRAVO system enables the public to inspect and place orders for copies of selected private buildings and minor works records online. You can register via MyGovHK.

Database of Private Buildings in Hong Kong

Search this central database for information on all private residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Hong Kong, including number of units and storeys, as well as information on building management bodies.

Property Information Online (Age, Area and Permitted Use)

PIO is an online service of the Rating and Valuation Department. It provides property information on saleable area, age and permitted occupation purposes of domestic properties to the public. You can enquire about, view online and order property records via a bilingual search engine with five different searching paths.

Search of Land Records

Land records are maintained by the Land Registry primarily for the purpose of facilitating property transactions. Find out how you can search land records, including the service counters and online services available, the procedures and charges.

The Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS)

IRIS Online Services allow you to quickly and easily access property information in Hong Kong. Search, browse, download or order land registers or copies of documents through this dedicated website.

Registration of Deeds

Learn about the importance of registering the deeds and other documents executed in property transactions. Find out the major steps in the registration process.

Property Alert

By subscribing to Property Alert, the Land Registry will notify you by email when any instruments affecting your property have been submitted for registration. This service helps property owners detect unexpected or suspicious instruments delivered for registration against their properties early so as to enable them to take prompt follow-up actions and / or seek legal advice.

Slope Information

Slope Maintenance Responsibility Information System

Want to identify the lot and party responsible for the maintenance of a specific slope? You can search online through this system by entering the slope number, building name, estate name, street name or lot number, etc.

Search for Slope Information

Information on 60,000 registered slopes in the Territory and guidelines on slope maintenance and slope improvement works are listed in this website.

Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme

Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme

Learn about the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) and find out more information here.

Search for Registered Inspectors for Building Inspection

Here you can search for Registered Inspectors (RI) to carry out the prescribed inspection and supervise the prescribed repair works found necessary for the common parts, external walls and projections or signboards of the buildings.

Search for Registered Contractors (RC)

Here you can search for Registered General Building Contractors or Registered Minor Works Contractors (who are registered for the relevant repair works) to carry out the prescribed repairs.

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