eRVD Bill Service

What is eRVD Bill Service ?

The eRVD Bill service covers the quarterly demands issued around early January, April, July and October every year and also the surcharge demands. Registered users can retrieve and download their electronic demand by logging on Rating and Valuation Department's eRVD Bill system. Notification message will be sent to the registered user's MyGovHK account when an electronic demand is available.

How to apply for the eRVD Bill Service ?

You must apply for an account at MyGovHK portal first. For registration, please click the following link.

Access or register with MyGovHK

After registration, you can select RVD's eRVD Bill service and add the rates and/or Government rent account to your eRVD Bill profile online.

What are the benefits of using the eRVD Bill Service ?

The eRVD Bill service is a great way to handle your rates and/or Government rent account.  There are numerous benefits:

  • By receiving electronic demands, you can help saving paper and the environment;
  • No delay or mail loss due to postage. You can receive your electronic demand via the Internet instantly;
  • You will receive a notification message in your MyGovHK account when an electronic demand is available;
  • The layout and content of an electronic demand are the same as those of a paper demand, and the electronic demand is easy to download and print;
  • Your To-do List in MyGovHK will be automatically updated to remind you to pay on or before the due date;
  • No more space is needed for keeping the paper demands;
  • You can update the correspondence address or other personal details of your account online;
  • You can easily retrieve the electronic demand of your account for the past 12 quarters (starting from the effective quarter after the successful registration of eRVD Bill service);
  • You can enquire the payment history of your account up to the past 8 quarters (starting from the successful registration of eRVD Bill service);
  • You can opt for demands in another language online;
  • You can apply for consolidated account online;
  • You can update individual tenement accounts under your consolidated account online;
  • Hyperlink is provided for you to make online enquiry through RVD Enquiry Form Page; and
  • You will receive notifications on completing and returning “Requisition for Particulars of Tenements” (Form R1A) electronically.


What are the services provided by "My Bills" under "MyGovHK" ?

  • "My Bills" allows registered users to view the summary of quarterly demand of their accounts;
  • Registered users can make use of the PPS Shop & Buy payment service provided by EPS Company (HK) Ltd or the e-Cheque / e-Cashier's Order.  With the PPS Shop & Buy or the e-Cheque / e-Cashier's Order, they can settle payment directly; and
  • Registered users can enquire the payment history of their account up to the past 8 quarters (staring from the successful registration of eRVD Bill service).


For enquiries, please call the Rating and Valuation Department’s 24-hour enquiry hotline on 2152 0111.

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