Search of Land Records

Land records are kept by the Land Registry to facilitate property transactions. For every land transaction, it is important to ascertain who the registered owner of the property is and if any incumbrances are registered against it. The required information can be obtained by conducting land searches.

Modes of Search

Searches of land registers can be conducted through counter search and self-service search services. You can also place orders for copies of land records for properties. Service for inspection of original Government Leases and Block Government Leases is available by appointment.

Search services are also provided through Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS). 

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Types of Land Records

The following types of land records are available for search:

  • Land Register
  • Memorial
  • Memorial Day Book
  • Government Lease
  • Block Government Lease

Types of Searches

Depending on the mode in which the record concerned is kept, a search produces:

  • Land Register
  • Land Document
  • Land Record in Paper Form

For procedures for conducting searches and the charges for different services, please refer to the webpage of the Land Registry:

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