Change of Rates and Government Rent Payer's Particulars

You can now notify the Rating and Valuation Department (RVD) online about changes in rates and Government rent payer's name or both name and address where there is any change in property ownership or any need to change such information.  This article tells you more about this service.

Who can use this service?

When there is any change in property ownership or any need to change the payer’s name and correspondence address for some reasons, e.g. change of tenant or agent, the new or ex-payer has to inform RVD as soon as possible.   Since the registered payer of a rates and Government rent account can be the owner, occupier or agent of the owner or occupier of the property, RVD will not automatically change the payer’s particulars if there is a change in property ownership.

What are the benefits of the online service?

You can go through just a few simple steps for submitting the update notification, then the quarterly demands of rates and Government rent can be issued to the right payer in a timely manner.  For payers with multiple properties and customers who are using the consolidated billing and payment service, they can update their new particulars for all the properties involved in one go by using this online service too.  The changes can be updated in RVD’s record within one working day after submission.

Start to update RVD’s record only or change multiple property accounts

If you have submitted the change of payer’s particular request, you may enter the transaction reference No. to enquire the progress of submitted request here.

Enquiry on Progress of Submitted Change of Payer’s Particular Request

If you want to change the payer’s particulars of a single property only, and also the address record of other Government departments, you can make use of the Change of Address Service alternatively.

More on the Change of Address Service

If your property is subject to payment of Government rent collected by Lands Department, you should separately notify Lands Department or use the Change of Address Service introduced above.

More on Government Rent collected by Lands Department

How to use the e-service?

It’s simple and quick to use the e-service. In submitting the request online, you need to have the 15-digit Account Number on hand, which is printed on the top left-hand corner of your rates and/or Government rent demand for authentication to enter the e-service. 

After you have entered the e-service, input the change details, then submit and confirm the input details.  The notification will be processed within one working day upon submission.  Acknowledgement of Change of Payer’s Particulars will be issued to the new payer by mail upon completion of the process.

Points to Note about Autopay

If you are using autopay for payment, any change in the rates and/or Government rent payer's name (including the spelling) will automatically invalidate the previous direct debit authorisation instruction. Therefore, the rates and/or Government rent payments will have to be made by other means until a new direct debit authorisation has been processed.

Other Ways of Notification

Besides using the e-service, you can also notify RVD by completing either:

  • Form RVD 1006 "Notification of Change in Rates and/or Government Rent Payer's Particulars", or
  • The "Change of Payer’s Particulars" form at the back of the demand note.
Download Form RVD 1006 "Notification of Change in Rates and/or Government Rent Payer’s Particulars" (pdf file)

Alternatively, you can write to RVD for notification by quoting the Account Number of the property, providing the new payer's name, correspondence address and contact phone numbers. 

Please return the form or letter to RVD:

  • by post to 15/F Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon; or
  • by fax to (852) 2152 0113; or
  • by e-mail to

If only change of correspondence address is required, you can call 2152 0111 to make a request.

Further Information

If you need assistance in using this service, please call Rating and Valuation Department 24-hour enquiry hotline at 2152 2152.

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Last revision date: July 2023
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