“HKeMobility” is an all-in-one mobile application with personalised traffic and public transport information. Public can conveniently and swiftly search for routes, journey time and fares of different transportation modes and obtain real-time traffic news which facilitate commuting and route planning by the public. The key features of “HKeMobility” includes: -

  1. Route search for public transport1, driving2and walking;
  2. Real-time traffic and transport information (including traffic snapshots, parking vacancy and estimated time of arrival of public transport);
  3. Cycle track route search;
  4. Traffic news with voice-over function;
  5. Personalised settings, adding bookmarks and bookmarking frequently used functions; and
  6. Elderly Mode which offers an elderly-friendly user interface for public transport information enquiry.


1 - The public transport services covered are Mass Transit Railway, franchised bus, green minibus, Light Rail Transit, ferry, tram and Peak Tram, cross-boundary coach to Huanggang, bus to Ma Wan and Discovery Bay.

2 - The service covered point-to-point driving-route searching; multiple input methods: map-based or text; the shortest distance, shortest travel time, and lowest toll (private cars only) driving routes; route display on map, estimated travel time, distance, road toll, detailed route information and traffic snapshots; driving-related information: petrol stations and no-stopping restrictions; and parking information: on-street parking space and car park information (including real-time parking vacancy information of some car parks))

Mobile Application- iPhone- Android- HuaweiWebsite
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Last revision date: January 2023
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