Self-drive to Guangdong Province

Phase I of the “Ad Hoc Quota Trial Scheme for Cross Boundary Private Car” was launched in March 2012. The Scheme allows Hong Kong private car owners to drive their private cars with five seats or less into the Guangdong Province via the Shenzhen Bay Port once for a stay of not more than seven days.  You can learn more about the application procedures, travel information and points to note for driving in Guangdong with the ad hoc quota from the paragraphs below.

Who Can Apply and How to Apply

To apply for the ad hoc quota, you have to fulfill certain requirements and follow the three steps below to complete the application.

  1. Make reservation for an ad hoc quota from the Transport Department.
  2. Apply for the quota and a Closed Road Permit (CRP) from the Transport Department.
  3. Complete the formalities required by the Mainland Government authorities.

You should read the application guide below for details of the eligibility and application procedures before submitting an application.

Application Guide for Ad Hoc Quotas for Cross Boundary Private Cars

Since the level of driving skills, experience and ability, etc. that are required of a driver in the Guangdong Province are quite different from that in Hong Kong, before applying for an ad hoc quota, you should, on top of the basic eligibility requirements, consider whether you are equipped with adequate experience, knowledge, ability and confidence in driving in the Mainland, so as to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Reservation and application for the ad hoc quota and CRP can be done online.  You may check your application status online as well.  Please check the link below for details.

Online Application for Ad Hoc Quotas for Cross Boundary Private Cars

Traffic and Crossing Arrangements at the Shenzhen Bay Port

You may use the ad hoc quota granted to cross the boundary via the Shenzhen Bay Port once.  You should pay attention to the operating hours and traffic arrangements at the Shenzhen Bay Bridge and Shenzhen Bay Port, in particular the crossing arrangements during full closure of the Bridge, and plan your journeys ahead.

Traffic and crossing arrangements at the Shenzhen Bay Port

Insurance Coverage

You are advised to check with your insurance providers the details of the coverage of the statutory insurance required by the Governments of Guangdong and the HKSAR, and consider taking out other related insurances, like travel insurance, commercial third party liability insurance and liability insurance for cross-boundary vehicle owners, according to your own situations in order to extend the scope and coverage of insurance.

Currently, the compensation limit varies considerably between the Mainland compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles and the Hong Kong motor vehicle third party risks insurance.  The Mainland compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles only covers liability arising from property damage and bodily injury/death of third parties.  The compensation limit is a bit more than RMB 100,000.  It does not cover any claims lodged by the third parties (victims) in Hong Kong for accidents taking place in the Mainland.  On the other hand, the protection provided by Hong Kong motor vehicle third party risks insurance only covers car accidents that occurred in Hong Kong.  Therefore, it is important to take out adequate commercial third party liability insurance and liability insurance for cross-boundary vehicle owners.

Assistance in the Mainland

When you are travelling in the Mainland, it is important to know what assistance is provided to Hong Kong residents by the Government if you encounter difficulties and what to do if you are arrested or in case of serious accidents.

Assistance to Hong Kong Residents in the MainlandAssistance outside Hong Kong

You can also register your contact details and itinerary so that the Immigration Department will contact and assist you in an emergency outside Hong Kong.

Registration of Outbound Travel Information

You may also find the following hotlines useful in case of emergency or when assistance is needed.

General Enquiries

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