Principal Officials of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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Secretaries of Departments

Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Chan Kwok-ki, GBS, IDSM, JP

Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, GBM, GBS, MH, JP

Secretary for Justice, Mr Paul Lam Ting-kwok, SBS, SC, JP

Deputy Secretaries of Departments

Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Cheuk Wing-hing, GBS, JP

Deputy Financial Secretary, Mr Michael Wong, GBS, JP

Deputy Secretary for Justice, Mr Cheung Kwok-kwan, SBS, JP

Directors of Bureaux

Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr Kevin Yeung, GBS, JP

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Mr Erick Tsang Kwok-wai, GBS, IDSM, JP

Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Christopher Hui, GBS, JP

Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, GBS, PDSM, JP

Secretary for Environment and Ecology, Mr Tse Chin-wan, BBS, JP

Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Algernon Yau, JP

Secretary for Health, Professor Chung-mau Lo, BBS, JP

Secretary for Transport and Logistics, Mr Lam Sai-hung, GBS, JP

Secretary for Development, Ms Bernadette Linn, JP

Secretary for Housing, Ms Winnie Ho, JP

Secretary for the Civil Service, Mrs Ingrid Yeung, JP

Secretary for Education, Dr Choi Yuk-lin, JP

Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Professor Sun Dong, JP

Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs, Miss Alice Mak, SBS, JP

Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Mr Chris Sun, JP


Commissioner of Police, Mr Siu Chak-yee, PDSM, PMSM

Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Mr Woo Ying-ming, SBS, CSDSM

Director of Audit, Professor Nelson Lam, JP

Director of Immigration, Mr Benson Kwok Joon-fung, IDSM

Commissioner of Customs and Excise, Ms Louise HO Pui-shan, CDSM, CMSM

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