Mr Lai Tung-kwok, GBS, IDSM, JP, Secretary for Security

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Mr Lai Tung-kwok

Mr Lai joined the Immigration Department in December 1973 and was promoted to the post of Director of Immigration in July 2002.   During his 34 years of service with the Immigration Department, Mr Lai had served in many different positions and headed branches dealing with visa and policies, personal documentation, liaison and support, etc.  Mr Lai ceased active service in April 2008 and retired in April 2009.  Mr Lai assumed the post of Under Secretary for Security on 1 November 2009.  He was appointed as Secretary for Security from July 2012.

Mr. Lai holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of London (External).  He was awarded the Hong Kong Immigration Service Medal for Distinguished Service and Gold Bauhinia Star in recognition of his exemplary contribution.



Last review date:July 2016