Customer Friendliness

Promotion of Business Facilitation Culture

To further promote a customer-centric culture within the civil service, some departments (such as the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the Fire Services Department) have enhanced their training on customer service.

For those departments that are heavily involved in licensing work, e.g. the Buildings Department, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Fire Services Department and Home Affairs Department, they conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys on their licensing services. The survey results help these departments to gain a better understanding of the needs and concerns of their customers for ongoing improvements of customer service.

The Government has sustained efforts to promote business facilitation and customer-centric culture in the civil service.  Some notable examples include –

  • Briefing sessions are delivered to new recruits from various bureaux/departments to cultivate a business facilitation culture through the induction seminars organized by the Civil Service Training and Development Institute.  
  • The Efficiency Office has launched a Business Facilitation Initiatives Intranet Website at the CCGO Portal to provide useful information on the Government’s business facilitation work and reference materials on smart regulation for the reference of officers concerned.   
  • The Efficiency Office also organises experience sharing sessions / refresher workshops for bureaux/departments participating in the Programme from time to time to further promote the business facilitation and smart regulation culture.


Business Facilitation Officers (BFOs)

To complement the Case Officer concept, Licensing Authorities are encouraged to assign dedicated personnel to perform the role of business facilitation officers (BFOs) to oversee the licensing operations and facilitate the processing of applications. This approach aims to develop best practices that would be suitably introduced to other departments. 

Licensing Authorities, including the Buildings Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Environmental Protection Department, Fire Services Department, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Highways Department, Home Affairs Department, Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Water Supplies Department have assigned BFOs to oversee their licensing service and conduct process reviews where necessary with a view to enhancing inter‐departmental communication and reducing the lead time required for the issue of licences.

Last revision date: March 2018
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