Current Consultation Exercises


Proposed Amendments to the Preservatives in Food Regulation (Cap. 132BD)New
Closing Date of Consultation: 30 September 2023 (extended)
Brief Description:

One of the initiatives set out in the Policy Measures of the Chief Executive’s 2022 Policy Address is to review and update by phases the food safety legislation relating to additives in food to further enhance food safety.  The first phase covers preservatives and antioxidants in food.  This consultation document sets out the proposal to update the regulatory control of preservatives and antioxidants in food, so as to enhance protection to consumers, promote harmonisation of local and international food safety standards, and facilitate the food trade.


The Environment and Ecology Bureau and the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department have reviewed Cap. 132BD.  The proposed amendments keep Codex standards as the backbone and supplemented with food standards of the Mainland and other major food trading partners.

Click here for details: Proposed Amendments to the Preservatives in Food Regulation (Cap. 132BD)

Ref No.: 10218C

Proposed Amendments to the Noise Control Ordinance (Cap. 400)New
Closing Date of Consultation: 8 October 2023
Brief Description:

-        Strengthen the control over noise from loudspeaker for peddling 

-        Relaxation of the restrictions on noise from festive celebration activities 

-        Introduction of a fixed penalty system

-        Adjustment of maximum fines

-        Empowerment to Authority to obtain information 

Click here for details: Proposed Amendments to the Noise Control Ordinance (Cap. 400)

Ref No.: 10223C

Review of the Air Quality ObjectivesNew
Closing Date of Consultation: 31 October 2023
Brief Description: The Government has set out Hong Kong’s Air Quality Objectives (AQOs) in the Air Pollution Control Ordinance (Cap. 311), and is required to review the AQOs at least once every five years to continuously improve air quality and safeguard public health.  The public consultation exercise aims at soliciting views from the public on the findings and proposed scope for updating the AQOs of the current round of review.
Click here for details: Review of the Air Quality Objectives

Ref No.: 10225C
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