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Government's Commitment to Business Facilitation

Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Unit

Taking forward the business facilitation initiatives is among the responsibilities of the Efficiency Office. Such initiatives, undertaken by the Business Facilitation Team, aim to improve the business regulatory environment of Hong Kong.

This webpage provides you with an overview of the Government’s initiatives on business facilitation and serves as an e-platform for communicating with the business sector.

Business Liaison Groups

  • Cinemas
  • Theme parks and attractions
  • Family amusement centres
  • Food business restaurants
  • Food business non-restaurants
  • Recreational clubs
  • karaoke establishments, nightclubs, bars and other entertainment clubs
  • Hotels
  • Billiard establishments, public bowling-alleys and public skating rinks
  • Guesthouses, holiday camps and holiday flats
Last revision date: March 2018
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