About the Smart Regulator Programme

In late 2006, the Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Unit (EABFU) and the Efficiency Unit (EU) of the HKSAR Government co-organised a series of focus group meetings with some business sectors to canvass their views on the Government licensing system. The cross-sector consultation helped identify a number of potential areas that the Government could do more to improve.

Taking note of the views from business, the Government launched the "Be the Smart Regulator" Programme (「精明規管」計劃)in early 2007. A total of 29 departments took part in the Programme, which would take forward improvement measures aiming to streamline licensing processes and reduce compliance costs to business. The main focus is to improve the "Customer friendliness", "Efficiency" and "Transparency" of the Government licensing system.

"Be the Smart Regulator" pamphlet has been promulgated to remind our colleagues of the importance of smart regulation throughout the planning, consultation, implementation and review stages of regulatory work and gave examples on some of the good work done by departments.

Last revision date: June 2017