Business Facilitation Advisory Committee

Introduction Introduction

The Business Facilitation Advisory Committee (BFAC) was established in January 2006 to take forward the business facilitation efforts of the former Economic and Employment Council (EEC) and its Sub-group on Business Facilitation. Since its formation, BFAC has contributed useful ideas to help improve the competitiveness of the local business environment through cutting red tape, removing unnecessary regulatory barriers, improving regulatory efficiency and reducing business compliance costs. It has also provided a platform for the Government to consult the business sector on regulatory proposals and to thrash out the implementation issues of new or proposed regulations.

Terms of Reference Terms of Reference

  • Advise and report to the Financial Secretary the development and implementation of programmes and measures to facilitate business compliance with government regulations and to sustain a competitive regulatory environment for business in Hong Kong while safeguarding public interest;
  • Review government regulations and procedures impacting on business, with the aims of cutting red tape, eliminating outdated, unnecessary or burdensome regulations, enhancing regulatory efficiency, transparency and business-friendliness, and reducing regulatory impact and compliance costs to business;
  • Provide a platform for the Administration to consult the business sector on regulatory proposals and to thrash out the implementation issues of new or proposed regulations;
  • Set up and steer Task Forces to take forward the regulatory reviews or other initiatives to facilitate business compliance;
  • Explore opportunities for greater use of innovation and technology in facilitating business; and
  • Examine other relevant areas to facilitate business compliance as appropriate.

BFAC Secretariat  BFAC Secretariat

The BFAC Secretariat provides administrative and secretariat support for the BFAC, its Task Forces and Business Liaison Groups.

Address : 14/F, Treasury Building, No. 3 Tonkin Street West, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon
Email :
Telephone : 2165 7381
Fax : 2537 7566
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