The Housing Authority e-Services for Public Rental Housing Tenants

The Housing Authority e-Services for Public Rental Housing Tenants

What is e-Services for Public Rental Housing Tenants?

E-Services for Public Rental Housing (PRH) Tenants of the Housing Authority (HA) provides 24-hour non-stop services to allow PRH tenants to make enquiries and submissions of various applications through the Internet.

How to apply for e-Services for PRH Tenants and link it up with MyGovHK account?

You must have an HA e-Services account in the first place, and you need to open a MyGovHK account at the MyGovHK portal.  To enjoy the easy sign-on function offered by MyGovHK, you can login your MyGovHK account and select “e-Services for PRH Tenants” and simply link up your HA e-Services for PRH Tenants account with your MyGovHK account.  For authentication purpose, you are required to enter the password of your HA e-Services account during the link up process.

Enjoy the single login benefit by linking up HA e-Services and other government online services with MyGovHK!

What are the benefits of using e-Services for PRH Tenants?

E-Services for PRH Tenants help you manage your tenancy information online, allowing you to:

  • Make enquiry on your rent payment position and rent payment history.
  • Make enquiry on the Marking Scheme scores under your tenancy.
  • Access the Rent Smart Calculator, with which you can estimate the new rent level applicable to you by inputting such information as foreseeable changes in your family size, household income and net asset value.
  • Update your contact information.
  • Submit applications.
  • Access your information under the Total Maintenance Scheme and make arrangements for in-flat inspection and/or repair works.

Access Housing Authority e-Services for Public Rental Housing Tenants

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