Housing for the Elderly

The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) and the Hong Kong Housing Society (HS) offer different types of public housing subsidies to the elderly to address their housing needs.

Priority Public Rental Housing Schemes

HA offers various types of priority schemes for the elderly in need of public rental housing (PRH):

  • “Single Elderly Persons Priority Scheme” for those single elderly persons who apply for PRH alone;
  • “Elderly Persons Priority Scheme” for two or more elderly persons who are willing to live and apply for PRH together;
  • “Harmonious Families Priority Scheme” for those families who opt to live with or close to their elderly parents/ dependent relatives and apply for PRH together.

For details of the schemes please refer to link below.

Public housing for the elderly

Special Housing for the Elderly

Both the Housing Authority and the Housing Society provide special flats for the elderly. The Housing Authority offers two main types of housing for the elderly in public rental estates:

  • Housing for Senior Citizens units which come with communal and recreational facilities under the care of a warden;
  • Self-contained Small Flats which are equipped with facilities such as non-slippery floor tiles and single lever taps to cater for the needs of the elderly.

The Housing Society also provides approximately 900 Elderly Persons’ Flats for eligible elderly people at discounted rent.

Types of public housing for the elderly offered by the Housing AuthorityEligibility criteria and rent of the Elderly Persons' Flats from the Housing Society

Housing Society Elderly Resources Centre

The Housing Society Elderly Resources Centre provides the elderly with comprehensive services to cope with their changing needs for home facilities. Through education and assessment of physical needs and home risks, elderly people can understand changes in their physical well-being with age and the potential hazards at home to reduce home accidents. The Centre also provides one-stop referral services to help satisfy the housing needs of the elderly.

Housing Society Elderly Resources Centre

Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Elderly Owners

The purpose of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to elderly owner-occupiers to repair and maintain their self-occupied buildings and to upkeep building safety. A maximum grant of HK$40,000 is available for each eligible elderly owner-occupier within a period of 5 years.

Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Elderly Owners
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