Job Hunting Tips

This article provides you with some tips on writing a resume and cover letter, preparing for a job interview and how to be your best before your prospective employer. It also includes how you should avoid employment traps.

Application Letter and Resume

No matter you know about a vacancy from a job advertisement or you recommend yourself to a potential employer, a well-written cover letter and a CV is the key to making a good impression and pin down a job interview. Here are some of the tips:

Application Letter

  • Application letter and resume should be confined to two pages each.
  • Be concise and to the point.
  • Set out the most relevant information upfront.
  • Persuade the potential employer that you are the best candidate for the job.
  • Check the grammar and spelling carefully.


  • Use point form and different sized headings to systematically present your information.
  • Preferably, education and working experience should be presented in reverse time order.
  • Highlight the relevant skills and professional qualifications.
  • Young job seekers with limited work experience may include some extracurricular activities for reference.
Job Hunting Tips

Job Interviews

When you're given an opportunity for a job interview, preparation is always important. You have to impress your interviewer within limited time.

Before a job interview, you should:

  • familiarise yourself with the job descriptions and the company's background.
  • prepare and practice your answers to questions commonly asked by interviewers.
  • pay attention to current affairs and hot topics, especially those relevant to the industry.
  • plan the route and travelling method to the location of the interview.
  • make sure you rest enough so as to give your best performance.

When attending an interview, remember to:

  • turn off your mobile phone.
  • keep calm and smiling. Don't be too reserved.
  • pay attention to your gesture. Maintain eye contact and avoid fidgeting.
  • listen to the questions carefully and present your answers in an elaborate yet concise manner.
  • actively take part in discussion if it is a group interview. At the same time, listen to others and do not interrupt their conversations.
  • ask one to two questions about the job at the end of the interview.
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Beware of Employment Traps

Sometimes job seekers may be so eager to find jobs that they are lured to employment traps, such as pyramid selling schemes, talent scout scams and unlawful work. You should stay alert.

  • Be realistic. Don't believe in job advertisements that require barely any experience or qualifications but offer a good sum of money.
  • Stay alert when attending job interviews. Don’t produce any personal documents that are irrelevant to the job.
  • Don't make any payments readily.
  • Examine the contract terms and additional conditions carefully before signing the contract.
  • Check whether the scope of the duties matches the descriptions in the advertisement or interview.
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Job Hunting Tips for Persons with Disabilities

The Interactive Selective Placement Service is dedicated to job seekers with disabilities, where they can search for suitable jobs and submit job applications online. There is also a self-learning kit providing job-hunting advice for them.

Access the Interactive Selective Placement ServiceSelf-learning kit for people with disabilities - key of success to open employment (pdf file)
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