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  • Points to note

    Points to note for participants to attend BLG meetings :

    1.     The BLG meetings are open for participation by any member of the trade. There is no appointed BLG member from the trade. 

    2.     Individual cases should not be discussed at BLG meetings.

    3.     The Task Force on BLGs (BLGTF) under the Business Facilitation Advisory Committee is tasked to oversee and monitor the work of BLGs. BLGTF members would attend BLG meetings as observer.

    4.     Smoking in meeting venues (including corridor and toilet) is strictly prohibited.

  • DescriptionsDescriptions

    The Business Liaison Group (BLG) for hotels is a formal forum for hotel owners, operators or their representatives to exchange views with government representatives on licensing and regulatory matters. In addition to the Hotel Licence, an operator may also need to apply for licences for restaurant, swimming pool, massage establishment, etc. in providing a range of services to hotel guests. BLG members are welcome to suggest agenda items on licensing and regulatory matters affecting the trade.

  • Government RepresentativesGovernment Representatives

    Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, Buildings Department, Home Affairs Department, Fire Services Department, and Efficiency Office.

  • Notes of MeetingNotes of Meeting

    Meeting Date Download
    25 22 Oct 2018

     Meeting notes

     Annex 1

     Annex 2

     Annex 3

     Annex 4

    24 16 Aug 2017

     Meeting notes

     Annex 1

     Annex 2

     Annex 3

    23 12 Dec 2016

    23rd meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1 - Regulatory Control on Disposal of Waste Cooking Oils from Licensed Food Premises in Hotels Annex 1

    Annex 2 - Reserve Licensee Scheme Annex 2

    22 29 Jun 2016

    22th meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1 - Proposed Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme Annex 1

    Annex 2 - Implementation of revised Building Energy Code and Energy Audit Code Annex 2

    Annex 3 - Improving business-friendliness in electronic submission of liquor licence applications Annex 3

    21 2 Feb 2016

    20th meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1 Annex 1

    Annex 2 Annex 2

    Annex 3 Annex 3

    20 31 Aug 2015

    20th meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1 Annex 1

    Annex 2 Annex 2

    Annex 3 Annex 3

    Annex 4 Annex 4

    Annex 5 Annex 5

    19 10 Apr 2015

    19th meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1  Annex 1 (Chinese version only)

    Annex 2 Annex 2 (Chinese version only)

    Annex 3  Annex 3

    18 23 Oct 2014

    18th meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1 - Online licence application tracking facility Annex 1 (Chinese version only)

    Annex 2 - Revamped business facilitation initiatives (BFI) website Annex 2

    17 5 Mar 2014

    17th meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1 - copyright infringement of playing musical works at hotels Annex 1

    Annex 2 - building plan processing by the FSD Annex 2

    16 18 Sep 2013

    16th meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1 - waiving referees' signature of application for liquor licence Annex 1 (Chinese version only)

    Annex 2 - business compliance cost for hotel licence renewal Annex 2

    15 26 Mar 2013

    15th meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1 - a new producer responsibility scheme on glass beverage bottles  Annex 1

    Annex 2 - Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) & Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS)   Annex 2

    Annex 3 - duties of responsible person under the Lifts and Escalators Ordinance (Chapter 618) (chinese version only) Annex 3 (Chinese version only)

    Annex 4 - business compliance costs of renewal applications for hotel licence - progress update Annex 4

    14 16 Oct 2012

    14th meeting notes Meeting notes

    Annex 1 - Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance, Cap 349 Annex 1 (Chinese version only)

    Annex 2 - fire safety improvement direction Annex 2

    13 16 Apr 2012 13th meeting notes Meeting notes
    12 30 Nov 2011 12th meeting notes Meeting notes
    11 29 Jul 2011 11th meeting notes Meeting notes
    10 2 Dec 2010 10th meeting notes Meeting notes
    9 6 May 2010 9th meeting notes Meeting notes
    8 7 Oct 2009 8th meeting notes Meeting notes
    7 26 Mar 2009 7th meeting notes Meeting notes
    6 28 Nov 2008 6th meeting notes Meeting notes
    5 26 Jun 2008 5th meeting notes Meeting notes
    4 27 Feb 2008 4th meeting notes Meeting notes
    3 5 Oct 2007 3rd meeting notes Meeting notes
    2 21 May 2007 2nd meeting notes Meeting notes
    1 17 Jan 2007 1st meeting notes Meeting notes
  • Highlight of Interesting IssuesHighlight of Interesting Issues

    • To streamline the time taken for Fire Services Department’s (FSD’s) inspection on ventilation system, the trade can report completion of ventilation work directly to the Ventilation Division of FSD and copy to the Home Affairs Department (HAD).
    • To provide clear application guidelines for applicants for outside seating accommodation, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has revised and uploaded the “Guide to Application for Outside Seating Accommodation” on the FEHD’s website
    • There is no change in the guidelines in connection with Building (Planning) Regulation 23A concerning hotel development being adopted by the Buildings Department although the Practice Note for Authorized Persons, Registered Structural Engineers and Registered Geotechnical Engineers (APP-40) was issued in August 2009 to replace Practice Note for Authorized Persons and Structural Engineers on “Hotel Development” (PNAP111) under a new categorization system.
Video: What a hotel trade participant is saying about the BLG (Cantonese version only)

Video: What a hotel trade participant is saying about the BLG (Cantonese version only)

Duration 2:58
Video: What a hotel trade participant is saying about the BLG (Cantonese version only)

Video: What a hotel trade participant is saying about the BLG (Cantonese version only)

Duration 2:24
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