Viewing of eTAX Account, Tax Position and Messages

You can view your tax position and messages from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) in your eTAX account.

Tax Position

This section shows details relating to the filing of tax returns, issue of assessment, payment of amounts due and tax reserve certificates purchased, if any.  The details are related to Salaries Tax, Property Tax for solely owned properties, Profits Tax for sole proprietorship businesses and Personal Assessment, if applicable and are based on IRD’s record as updated to the previous working day

Tax Return
The number of any tax returns to be filed is highlighted on the front page and details of any such returns are shown on the subsequent page.  Links are provided for filing a tax return through the Internet where the relevant criteria are met and for obtaining returns in paper form.

Tax returns filed within the last 3 years are listed.  They are also available for viewing if filed through the Internet.

Details of assessments and related notices issued within the last 3 years are available for viewing.  Links are provided for payment by electronic means and for requesting an amendment of any assessment or provisional tax.

The number of any tax bills to be paid is highlighted on the front page and details of all outstanding and overpaid bills and those settled bills issued within the last 3 years are shown on the subsequent page.  A link is provided for payment by electronic means.

Please note that outstanding tax bills for years of assessment prior to 1993/94, those covered by Proof of Debt in bankruptcy cases and demands of a non-tax nature (such as court fees and judgment interest) are not shown.  You may contact IRD by e-mail at for the payment status of any bills not shown in this section.

You may apply online for a written confirmation of payment, which will be sent to you by post.

Tax Reserve Certificate Account
Tax Reserve Certificate (“TRC”) Account holders may view details of each TRC purchased, including the date of purchase, principal sum, interest accrued and balance up to the previous business day.

Please note that details of TRC purchased in respect of tax held over conditionally in objection cases are not shown in this section.  You can contact IRD by e-mail at for such details.

Message Box

This is your message box for receiving messages from IRD.  Such messages are retained for 6 years from the respective dates of issue.  Unread messages are highlighted for your attention.

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