Services and Support for Persons with Disabilities

Rehabilitation Services

A wide range of rehabilitation services are available in Hong Kong to help people with disabilities to develop their physical, mental and social capabilities to the fullest possible extent and promote their integration into the community. There are day training, residential and community support services for both children and adults with disabilities. Details can be found through the following link to the Social Welfare Department (SWD)'s website.

List of rehabilitation services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

There are also a variety of training programmes and vocational rehabilitation services that aim to help people with disabilities to enhance their working capacity and secure suitable employment. Information about these programmes and services can be found through the following link to SWD's website.

Vocational rehabilitation services

Transport and Access Support

The access support for people with disabilities on public transport and in public venues in Hong Kong has improved significantly over the years. To help disabled persons plan their journeys, the Transport Department has published a Guide to Public Transport for People with Disabilities.

Guide to Public Transport for People with Disabilities

The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation and Kwoon Chung Inclusive and Accessible Transport Services Company Limited also offer Rehabus service to provide accessible transportation for persons with disabilities.

Rehabus Service of the Hong Kong Society for RehabilitationRehabus Service of Kwoon Chung Inclusive and Accessible Transport Services Company Limited

For those disabled persons who have passed the driving ability assessment, they may apply for a Disabled Person's Parking Permit from Transport Department for parking on designated disabled driver parking spaces. With the permit, disabled drivers are also exempted from payment of parking charges for using on-street metered parking spaces and granted half-fare concession on parking charges for using designated parking spaces in any of the Government multi-storey car parks under the management of Transport Department.

Disabled Person's Parking Permit

In planning their visits to places of interest, disabled individuals may also wish to call the venue ahead of time and ask about:

  • any assistance available to people with disabilities and whether booking in advance is necessary;
  • transport and parking information;
  • best way to access the premises;
  • availability of special guided tours and facilities for disabled persons (e.g. The Hong Kong Central Library provides tactile guide paths, special service counters, adjustable reading tables and toilets for the disabled, etc); and;
  • any concessions on tickets and admission fees for people with disabilities.

In addition, people with disabilities and their family members or carers may apply for free delivery service offered by supermarkets in Hong Kong. The application form can be downloaded from the Labour and Welfare Bureau’s website.

Free delivery service provided by supermarkets (pdf file)
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