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Health & Medical Services

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Medical Social Services

Medical social workers, stationed in public hospitals and specialist out-patient clinics, provide timely psycho-social intervention to patients and their families and help them cope with problems arising from illness, trauma or disability. Find out more about their services here.

Rehabilitation Services for People with Disabilities

Check out this webpage for a list of services that assist people with disabilities to develop their physical, mental and social capabilities to the fullest possible extent and promote their integration into the community.

Services for Persons in Mental Recovery

Here you can find a series of services that help persons in mental recovery to re-integrate into the community.

Caring for Ex-mentally Ill People

Here you can learn about the information and services the Government provides for mentally-ill and ex-mentally ill people as well as their carers.

Caring for Mentally Handicapped Persons

Here you can learn about the information and services the Government provides for mentally handicapped persons as well as their carers.

Caring for Chronic Patients

Here you can learn about the information and services the Government provides for people with chronic illnesses and their carers.

Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (HKSR) (Available in Chinese Only)

HKSR provides rehabilitative support to people with a disability, chronic illness, the elderly and their families. Look up the details here.

Clinical Psychological Services

Clinical psychologists of the Social Welfare Department provide various types of psychological services such as psychological assessment and treatment for the general public. Referrals by social workers are required. Obtain more details here.

Find a Patient Group

This webpage provides a list of patient groups and their contact information.

Non-emergency Ambulance Transfer

Check out the operating hours and contact numbers for engaging the free Non-emergency Ambulance Transfer Service under the Auxiliary Medical Service.

Referral for Different Types of Hospice Care

The palliative care services provided by the Hospital Authority aims to provide total care for the terminally-ill through inter-disciplinary efforts. Find the details in this webpage.

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