Caring for Mentally Handicapped Persons

Here you can learn about the information and services the Government provides for mentally handicapped persons as well as their carers.

Support Services

The Social Welfare Department provides various support services for mentally handicapped persons aged 15 or above, including vocational rehabilitation services, care homes and community support service. It aims to help them develop their capabilities to the fullest and integrate into the community.

Services for mentally handicapped persons

There are also self-help organisations where people with mental handicap and their families can share experiences and support each other.

Self-help organisations of people with mental handicapParents / Relatives Resource Centre

Medical Support

The Mental Handicap Infirmary and Rehabilitation Services by the Hospital Authority provides integrated rehabilitative service for mentally handicapped patients with the aim of improving their self-care abilities, physical mobility and treatment of associated medical or psychiatric conditions.

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Special Education Services

Children with intellectual disability will be placed in aided special schools upon the recommendation of specialists or medical practitioners after assessment and with the consent of the parents in order to receive intensive support service.  For children with intellectual disability attending regular schools, the Education Bureau provides resources, teacher training and professional support to schools to help them adopt the Whole School Approach to catering for the needs of their students with special educational needs.

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Financial Support

The Social Security Allowance (SSA) Scheme provides monthly allowance to citizens who are severely disabled or who are 65 years old or above with special needs arising from disability or old age. You can refer to the following link for more details.

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Emotional Support for Carers

If you are caring for a mentally handicapped person and find yourself in enormous stress, you should not hesitate to seek professional help.

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Equal Opportunities

Under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, people with intellectual disabilities and their carers should not be discriminated against, harassed or vilified on the ground of the patients’ disability. You can learn about your rights through the following link.

The Disability Discrimination Ordinance and people with intellectual disabilities
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