Here you can learn about things you need to know about child health, parenting and education choices for your 0 to 6- year- old child.

Child Health

Children have different physical and psychological needs at different development stages. The following links take you to various parenting tips including newborn care, breastfeeding, caring for children’s emotional needs, etc.

Child health information classified by life stagesMore on child health and woman health


Through immunisation, you can protect your children from childhood infectious diseases. You can refer to the following link for the immunisation schedule for children against different diseases.

More on Childhood Immunisation Programme

Oral Care

Your infant may be suffering from discomfort from teething or your child may be going through tooth transition. Extra care of the oral hygiene and dietary needs of your child should be taken.

Oral care tips from Tooth Club

Exercise and Healthy Weight

More and more children are becoming overweight and exercise is an effective way to maintain their healthy weight. Learn about the right training programme for your child here.

More on fitness programmes for children

Childcare Choices

For those parents who may not be able to care for their children full-time, choosing childcare depends on their work hours, budgets and the kind of nurturing environment they want to provide for their children.

Hiring a Domestic Helper

A domestic helper, local or foreign, can take care of your children in your own home. Some of them can work part-time, which gives you flexibility in arranging childcare. You can find out how to hire a domestic helper and points to note on the link below.

More on hiring a local domestic helperMore on hiring a foreign domestic helper

With the Help of Grandparents

Many local families share the workload of childcare among parents and grandparents. It is important for the parents to maintain good communication with the elderly for more consistent and effective parenting.

More on parenting with grandparentsMore grandparenting tips

Child Care Centres

The Child Care Centres subsidised by the Social Welfare Department provide full day care for children below the age of 3 years. It also provides activities that enhance the intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of them.

More on Child Care Centres



When your child reaches the age of 2 or 3, you may consider enrolling him or her in a preschool. Apart from choosing the right preschool for your child, prepare your child for schooling is important.

Getting ready for preschoolChoosing a kindergartenMore on development of children at preschool age

Primary School

When your child is approaching the age of 6, learning environment will shift from the less structured kindergarten to the more formal primary school. You can learn how to choose a primary school and help your child to adjust to new school life on the links below.

Choosing a primary schoolPreparing for the first day at primary school

However, the role of education should not be left solely to schools. Parents also have an active part to play in educating and guiding their children in all-round development.

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