Child's Health

Being a parent, the health of your child should be your top concern. You can make use of a comprehensive range of public medical services and educational resources to help your child stay healthy and deal with any developmental or behavioural problems.

Integrated Child Health and Development Programme

Taking care of your little ones is never an easy job. There are different areas you need to pay attention to in their early stages of development. The Maternal and Child Health Centres offer an Integrated Child Health and Development Programme to promote holistic (physical, cognitive, emotional and social) health among children. The programme provides immunisation and developmental surveillance for children, as well as parenting workshops and individual counselling sessions for parents.

Health information by children’s life stagesIntegrated Child Health and Development ProgrammeLocations of Maternal and Child Health CentresEligibility, Fees & Charges for Maternal and Child Health Service

Student Health Service

The Service aims to safeguard both the physical and psychological health of school children through various health programmes, enabling them to gain maximum benefit from the education system and develop their full potentials.

More about Student Health Service

School Dental Care Service

The Service is a basic dental health care programme for all primary school children in Hong Kong aiming to promote good oral hygiene and prevent common dental diseases. Dedicated and well-trained dental therapists will provide the service based on the advice of Government dental officers. You can also learn more about taking care of your kids' teeth from the website of Tooth Club.

Scope of services of the School Dental Care ServiceTooth Club

Developmental and Behavioural Problems

Common childhood developmental problems include attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, autistic spectrum disorder, language delay, developmental delay, mental retardation, developmental coordination disorder, cerebral palsy, as well as visual and hearing impairment. Children with developmental or behavioural problems need proper assessment and rehabilitation advice from multidisciplinary experts.

Children suspected of having developmental problems, with referral from a registered doctor or psychologist, can register and make an appointment at any Child Assessment Centres under the Department of Health. Comprehensive specialised assessments are conducted for these children, and rehabilitation plans are formulated for them. Meanwhile, families in need can seek help through counselling, health advice and interim support activities.

Child Assessment ServiceChildhood Developmental Disorders

Rehabilitation Services for Pre-school Disabled Children

A comprehensive range of services is provided for pre-school children up to the age of six who are either disabled or at risk of becoming disabled. These services aim to enhance the children’s physical, psychological and social development with a view to increasing their opportunities for participating in ordinary schools and daily activities, and to help their families to meet their special needs.

Disabled children assessed by paediatricians or clinical psychologists to be in need of rehabilitation services can be referred to the Social Welfare Department to enjoy a host of services at various institutions, including Early Education and Training Centre, Kindergarten cum Child Care Centre and Special Child Care Centre.

Early Education and Training Centre ServiceIntegrated Programme in Kindergarten-cum-Child Care CentresSpecial Child Care Centre Service

Travelling with Your Child

If you are going to travel with your child, you should also take note of some common health issues such as dealing with travellers’ diarrhea and special arrangements for your child during air travel. Depending on your destination, you may also need to give your child additional vaccinations and take special precautions against malaria. All these preparations will help you enjoy a pleasant trip with your child.

Points to note when travelling with a child
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