Preparing for the First Day at Primary School

From the less structured learning environment in a kindergarten to a more formal learning environment in a primary school, your children may face changes such as larger school premises, longer school hours, stricter school rules and a more subject-based learning. Here you can know more about how to prepare your children from different aspects to help them move on to primary school life.

Overcoming fears

  • Discuss with your children about how primary school life will be;
  • Shop with your children for school uniforms, stationery, schoolbags, etc. to let them associate school life with happy experiences; and
  • Invite peers who are studying in primary schools to share their experience.
Storybook to help children know more about primary school life (pdf file) (available in Chinese only)

Setting up daily routines

  • Work, rest and exercise regularly with your children;
  • Encourage them to take care of themselves, such as tidying up, having meals and packing school bag; and
  • Foster hygienic habits and observe rules of daily life.

Building up learning skills

  • Motivate your children to learn and ask questions;
  • Cultivate the habit of reading; and
  • Inspire them the concept of quantity, time, shapes and colour, as well as sorting and comparing objects.

Collaborating with schools


You can attend an orientation programme organised by the primary school before the start of a school year to know more about the school's vision and mission, and to get advice on how to equip your children for primary schooling.


 You may refer to the following links for more helpful tips.

Leaflet for Parents on Helping Children to Adapt to Their New Primary School (available in Chinese only) (pdf file)Guidelines on Helping Primary One Pupils Adapt to a New School Life (pdf file)
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