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Apply for eTAX Password

eTAX Password is an authentication means for you to login your eTAX Account.  You need to obtain an Access Code before you can register an eTAX Password of your choice. 

You may lodge your application online under eTAX using your Hong Kong Identity Card Number and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) (as printed on the front page of the Tax Return – Individuals or the Notice of Assessment issued to you).  The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) will send an Access Code Notice to your correspondence address within the next 2 working days for you to set your eTAX Password.  

If you have not yet notified IRD of your latest correspondence address, instead of making your application online, you should complete and return Form I.R.6104 so that the IRD can send the Access Code notice to your new address.

If you do not have a tax file with IRD, you should apply for opening an eTAX Account with Form I.R.6169.

Forms I.R.6104 and I.R.6169 can be obtained through:
(i) downloading from the eTAX web site
(ii) Fax-A-Form Service at 2598 6001
(iii) calling in person at IRD office in Wan Chai 

Upon receipt of the Access Code Notice, you can login eTAX and go through a simple registration process to create your own eTAX Password and set up your account profile.  After then the Access Code can no longer be used for logging in the system.  If you do not complete the registration within 3 weeks from the date of the Notice, your Access Code will be revoked without further notice and you will have to apply again for using the eTAX Services. 

Apply for eTAX Password

Forgot eTAX Password

  • If you have registered your password hint, you can request us to send it to you via e-mail, if your password is still valid for use. 
  • If you wish to re-set your password, you can request IRD to send you an Access Code for creation of a new eTAX Password.  An Access Code Notice will be sent to your correspondence address within the next 2 working days.


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