Online Application for Extension of Stay (for Former Foreign Domestic Helpers Who Apply for Staying in Hong Kong as Visitors)

After you have read the following instructions and have your application documents ready, you can access the online service by clicking the following link.

Online application for extension of stay

Who can Use this Service

Generally speaking, foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) must leave Hong Kong upon completion of their contract or within two weeks from the date of termination of their contract, whichever is earlier. Applications for an extension of limit of stay in Hong Kong as a visitor will be considered on individual merits. To allow sufficient time for processing, online applications will only be accepted from those applicants with remaining limit of stay of 5 to 7 days.

However, you are not eligible to use the service if:


you are not physically present in Hong Kong at the time of submission;


you will not be physically present in Hong Kong at the time of collection of your extension of stay label;


your remaining limit of stay is not 5 to 7 days;


your limit of stay has expired;


you plan to depart Hong Kong and will not return before the expiry of your limit of stay; or


your condition of stay granted upon your arrival in Hong Kong is not foreign domestic helper.

* Applicants who are not eligible for online application may visit the Foreign Domestic Helpers Section at 3/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai during working hours to submit an application for extension of stay.

Documents to be Submitted Online

The documents you need to submit with your online application will depend on the type of application you are applying for.  Documents marked with * are mandatory.

Documents Maximum no. of files for upload
  • *Duly completed form ID91: Application for an Extension of Stay (first 3 pages only)
  • *Copy of applicant’s passport / travel document (including the pages showing the applicant’s personal particulars, photo, signature, the validity of the passport / travel document, the latest visa label and the latest landing endorsement / landing slip)
  • *Document proof of termination of an employment contract (for those who apply to remain in Hong Kong on visitor status for the first time)
  • Other supporting document


You can download the application form through the following link.

Form ID91: Application for an Extension of Stay

Please note that the application form must be signed by the applicant.

File Formats

Before uploading the required documents you will need to scan them in one of the following formats:

Image type: JPG or TIF (CCITT-G4)
File size: 5Mbytes or below for each file
Colour depth:  Grayscale (for documents without photos)
                         Colour (for documents with photos)

When using the online application service, you will then need to enter the following information:

  • your Hong Kong identity card number;
  • your name (surname and given names);
  • your sex;
  • your date of birth;
  • the expiry date of your passport / travel document;
  • your local contact number;
  • your email address; and
  • the reason for your proposed extension of stay.
More information on application reference numberMore information on current limit of stay

Please ensure that the information you provide is correct. Incorrect information may render your submission invalid.

Supplementary Document Submission

If you have applied for an extension of stay online through GovHK and received a notification letter from the Immigration Department asking you to provide supplementary documents, you can use the online submission service. The following link will take you to further information on how to submit your supplementary documents online.

Online supplementary document submission

Assistance and Further Information

If you need technical assistance in using the online service, you can call the Immigration e-Services Hotline at (852) 3128 8668 between 7 am and 11 pm daily.

For general enquiries, please call (852) 2824 6111, send a fax to (852) 2877 7711 or send an email to [email protected]

Further information on the online booking service is available in a set of helpful frequently asked questions (FAQs).

FAQs about online application for extension of stay
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