Health & Medical Services

Health & Medical Services

Food Safety & Nutrition

Fluid Grids

EatSmart Website

Visit this website for details of the “”, “” and “EatSmart Restaurant Star+” Campaign.

Healthy Eating

Here you can learn more about healthy eating, including a balanced diet, food labels and nutrition tips for different age groups.

Food Safety & Hygiene

Here are some information and tips for food safety and hygiene, from purchasing and preparing food to cooking and dining out.

Five Keys to Food Safety

Get the keys to ensure safe eating and prevention of food-borne diseases during preparation of food or dining out.

Using Nutrition Labels

Learn about the benefits of using nutrition labels, how to read them and what those nutrition claims actually mean.

Genetically Modified Foods

Learn more about genetically modified foods and find a database and various education resources on this website.

Organic Eating

Here you can learn about what organic food is and how to make smart consumer choices in food.

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