"Pay e-Cheque" Portal

What is "Pay e-Cheque" Portal?

Nowadays, paper cheque is one of the common payment methods to pay government bills or fees. e-Cheque is an electronic counterpart of paper cheque (including a cashier's order) and can be signed, issued, delivered and presented electronically without the use of paper or the need for physical delivery or presentation throughout the process. Along with the introduction of the e-Cheque service in December 2015, the "Pay e-Cheque" portal is a brand new concept in providing online government bill payment service.

The "Pay e-Cheque" portal provides a quick, easy and environment-friendly online service for you to pay government bills or fees anytime, anywhere without any account registration or user login. You can simply enter the bill account numbers and upload e-Cheques to settle government bills.

Pay government bills through the "Pay e-Cheque" portal

For more information about e-Cheque, please contact your bank or visit the Hong Kong Monetary Authority website.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

What Are the Benefits of This Service?

The "Pay e-Cheque" portal provides a round-the-clock online service for the public to pay government bills or fees using e-Cheques. Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers a green way to pay. Please refer to the following links for the government bills that accept e-Cheques and the points to note for the service:

List of government bills accepting e-Cheques

Points to note for the "Pay e-Cheque" portal


If you would like to know more about the "Pay e-Cheque" portal, please contact the GovHK Help Desk at (852) 183 5500 or access a list of frequently asked questions through the following link.

Frequently asked questions about the "Pay e-Cheque" portal

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