In 2005, the Government published "A Policy Framework for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste (2005-2014)" that sets out strategies on waste management putting emphasis on waste reduction and recovery. In operation since 2007, EcoPark provides long-term land at affordable costs and a whole package of amenities for use by the recycling industry with a view to alleviating the expenditure of recyclers on infrastructure, thereby encouraging their investment in advanced technologies and value-added recycling processes. EcoPark endeavors to promote the recycling of waste into resources, and by returning recyclable materials to the production line and the consumption loop, it aims to promote the development of the circular economy.


Currently, only a portion of waste is recycled and recovered into useful products locally. Thus, a robust recycling industry is needed locally to handle the increasing demand of recycling and recovery. The development of the EcoPark is one of the Government’s initiatives to provide long-term land at affordable rent for the development of the recycling industry in Hong Kong with a view to encouraging investment in advanced technology and value-added recycling processes.

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What are the advantages of developing EcoPark?

EcoPark supports local recycling by:

  1. offering long-term land with basic infrastructure at affordable cost and exclusive use of facilities such as marine frontage and weighbridge;
  2. providing professional management services;
  3. creating synergy among clusters of similar industries;
  4. integrating vertically to create a "circular economy"; and
  5. providing more job opportunities for recycling and related industries.

Tenants in EcoPark

EcoPark is developed in two phases and provides a rentable area of 14 hectares for the recycling industry. It is divided into lots with different size with flexibility to either combine or subdivide lots to suit different needs. These lots are basically leased to the recycling trade through open tender.

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Visit to EcoPark

EcoPark, located at 133 Lung Mun Road, Tuen Mun Area 38, includes a visitor centre with a theme of waste management. The visitor centre provides information about waste management and waste reduction that aims to arouse community’s awareness on relevant environmental issues, and encourage the participation in waste reduction and recycling. The visitor centre is open to public, prior booking is required.

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