Community Green Stations

The Environmental Protection Department is taking forward the Community Green Stations (CGSs) projects to strengthen the support for waste reduction and recycling as well as environmental education at the district level, instilling a green living culture in the community.

What is Community Green Station?

In 2013, the Environment Bureau revealed a plan to develop in Hong Kong, on a pilot basis, a total of five Community Green Station (CGS), which would be operated by non-profit-making organisations with government funding, to enhance environmental education and assist local communities in the collection of various recyclables, thereby enabling green living to take root at the community level. In the 2014 Policy Address, the Government decided to extend the initiative to cover the whole territory. Subsequently, based on the feedback from stakeholders, the initiative is rebranded as 「綠在區區」in Chinese (from 「社區環保站」) to better reflect the project objectives, i.e. apart from inculcating in the community a living habit that reduces waste, the facility would also be built as a green building with innovative design and appropriate greening.

Functions of Community Green Stations

The main function of CGSs is to provide support to waste reduction and recycling programmes at the community level, including collaboration with different stakeholders to collect low-value recyclables and enhance the community collection network. Such collaboration may allow members of the public to get involved in waste reduction and recycling in person and help implement other source separation initiatives. CGSs also promote environmental education with various publicity and public education programmes that target at local residents of different status and background. Organised either on-site or outside the CGS facility, these programmes aim to instill a green living culture into the community from different perspectives, particularly waste reduction and recycling.

The latest development progress of each CGS
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