Producer Responsibility Scheme on Plastic Beverage Containers

To better promote the recycling of waste plastic beverage containers, the Government has launched the Public Consultation on Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) on Plastic Beverage Containers, to solicit views from the public.

Why introduce the PRS on plastic beverage containers?

Waste plastics constitute about 20% of our municipal solid waste disposal.  Amongst the waste plastics, about 5% are plastic beverage containers.  The Government is exploring how to implement a PRS targeting plastic beverage containers, turning waste into reusable resources.


The Government commissioned a consultancy study in October 2017 on how to implement a PRS on suitable plastic product containers. Having considered the recommendations of the consultant, the Government has decided to press ahead with the introduction of a new PRS on plastic beverage containers, underpinned by a rebate arrangement to encourage the public to return used plastic beverage containers for recycling. We will also consider the application of reverse vending machine (RVM), as appropriate, in Hong Kong to enhance the operation efficiency of the PRS. In this regard, we have rolled out a one-year pilot scheme in the first quarter of 2021 in phases to test out the practical application of RVMs for collection of plastic beverage containers in local environment. Meanwhile, we also launched a three-month Public Consultation on PRS on Plastic Beverage Containers (PPRS) on 22 February 2021 to solicit views from the public on the proposal. After taking into account the views collected, we will map out the regulatory framework and way forward for the PPRS.

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