Stamping of Property Document

In 2004, the Inland Revenue Department introduced e-Stamping service, which involves printing a stamp certificate online for attachment to the instrument as an alternative to the conventional stamp.  Such stamp certificates have the same legal status as conventional stamps imprinted on instruments.

e-Stamping service is available to users at GovHK.  You can submit a stamping application, make payment and obtain a stamp certificate via the Internet.  The service applies only to instruments related to property transactions namely, agreement for sale, assignment and tenancy agreement.  Authenticity check of stamp certificates is also available at the above-mentioned website.

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Authentication Means

Users of e-Stamping service can use one of the following means for authentication:

User Type

Authentication Means

Business user

E-Stamp Account or

recognized digital certificate


Individual user

eTAX Account or

recognized digital certificate


Advantages of using e-Stamping service include

  • Stamping possible anytime, anywhere.
  • Convenient payment methods
    (i) Offline – print notice for payment and pay at any office of the Hong Kong Post or at the Stamp Office
    (ii) Online – Visa, MasterCard or PPS
  • Instant issue of stamp certificate after receipt of stamp duty online.
  • Free online service for checking authenticity of a stamp certificate.
  • One Stop Service – submission of tenancy e-forms of Rating and Valuation Department online after e-Stamping of tenancy agreement.


Last revision date: February 2019
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