Overview of the Health Care System in Hong Kong

This webpage summarises the healthcare services provided by the public and private sectors in Hong Kong

Public and Private Healthcare Services

The chart below illustrates the overall structure of the healthcare system and the services provided in Hong Kong:

 Overall structure of the healthcare system

Health Bureau

The Health Bureau is responsible for forming policies and allocating resources for the running of Hong Kong’s health services. It also ensures these policies are carried out effectively to protect and promote public health, provide lifelong holistic health care to every citizen of Hong Kong, and ensure that no one is denied adequate medical treatment due to lack of means.

More about Health Bureau

Department of Health

The Department of Health (DH) is the Government’s health adviser and agency to execute healthcare policies and statutory functions. It safeguards the community’s health through a range of promotional, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services. DH provides subsidised healthcare services through its centres and health clinics to citizens of Hong Kong.

List of clinics and health centres under DHMore about services provided by DHCentre for Health Protection

The Hospital Authority

The Hospital Authority (HA) is a statutory body providing public hospitals and related services to the citizens of Hong Kong. It offers medical treatment and rehabilitation services to patients through hospitals, day hospitals, specialist clinics, general out-patient clinics, Chinese Medicine service and community outreach services that are organised into seven clusters which together serve the whole of Hong Kong. Hong Kong citizens can enjoy subsidised medical services provided by HA.

Public hospitals and institutionsGeneral Out-patient Clinics by HASpecialist Out-patient Clinics by HAChinese Medicine Clinics cum Training and Research Centres of HACommunity Medical Services by HA

Private Health Care

There are a number of private hospitals and medical services provided by the private healthcare sector. DH regulates licensed private healthcare facilities under the Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance (Cap. 633) and medical clinics registered under the Medical Clinics Ordinance (Cap. 343).  DH monitors their compliance with relevant Ordinance and Codes of Practice by conducting inspections and investigating incidents in these private healthcare facilities and medical clinics. All Western medicine practitioners practising in Hong Kong have to register with the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK). MCHK is a statutory body responsible for registration and professional discipline of medical practitioners to maintain professional standards for protection of the public.

Private Healthcare Facilities RegisterList of medical clinics registered under Cap. 343Search for registered doctorsSearch for registered Chinese medicine practitionersRegistration of Health Care Professionals
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