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Overview of the Health Care System in Hong Kong

Find out the healthcare services provided by the public and private sectors in Hong Kong.

Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS)

Led by the Government, eHRSS is a territory-wide, patient-oriented electronic sharing platform. Know more about the system and how to register here.

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS)

VHIS is a policy initiative introduced by the Health Bureau to regulate indemnity hospital insurance plans offered to individuals, with voluntary participation by insurance companies and consumers. Find out more information here.

Public Hospitals and Institutions

Find the full list of local public hospitals and institutions and learn about their scope of services, visiting hours and contact numbers.

Private Hospitals

This webpage provides a list of registered private hospitals with addresses, contact details and links to their website.

Clinics and Centres under the Department of Health

Find the locations, telephone numbers and operation hours of clinics and centres specialised in different kinds of health services under the Department of Health such as Maternal and Child Health Centres, Woman Health Centres, Elderly Health Centres, Chest Clinics, etc.

General Out-patient Clinics by Hospital Authority

Check out the locations and service hours of the General Out-patient Clinics run by the Hospital Authority and how to make advance appointment.

Community Medical Services under the Hospital Authority

Find out more about the various Community Medical Services run by the Hospital Authority, including nursing services, the psychiatric team, etc.

Primary Care Directory

The Primary Care Directory is an internet-based directory containing personal and practice-based information of different primary care providers.  The public can now access the directory website to find family doctors, dentists or Chinese medicine practitioners that are suitable for them.

Fees and Charges for Health Care Services

Check out the fees and charges of medical services provided by public hospitals and clinics and the eligibility for these services.

Medical Fee Waiving Mechanism

Under the medical fee waiving mechanism, recipients of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance and the vulnerable groups are waived from payment of public health care expenses when they meet certain financial and social criteria. Find out more information here.

Health Care Voucher

The Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme (HCVS) aims to subsidise eligible elders’ use of private primary healthcare services.  At present, the annual voucher amount for each eligible elder aged 65 or above is $2,000.  Unspent vouchers can be carried forward and accumulated, subject to a ceiling of $8,000.

Items Supported by the Samaritan Fund

The Samaritan Fund, managed by the Hospital Authority, aims to provide financial assistance to needy patients who requires designated Privately Purchase Medical Items or new technologies in the course of medical treatment.

Yan Chai Tetraplegic Fund (Available in Chinese Only)

The Fund provides financial assistance for tetraplegic patients in need including allowances for purchase of medical and rehabilitation items, personal helpers and medical consumables. Check out the details here.

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