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Health & Medical Services

Communicable Diseases

Fluid Grids

General Info on Communicable Diseases

Here you can learn about a list of communicable diseases including prevention, incubation period, mode of transmission, etc.

Influenza Page

Check out the details of different types of influenza here and stay informed.

Prevention of Avian Influenza

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Avian Influenza and what you can do to help prevent it.

Prevention of Tuberculosis

Learn more about tuberculosis and the public services available for prevention and treatment.

Prevention of Viral Hepatitis

Learn more about the various types of viral hepatitis and their causes, signs and symptoms, mode of transmission and preventive measures.

Communicable Diseases Watch

This online biweekly publication for healthcare professionals provides news and knowledge on up-to-date infectious diseases relevant to Hong Kong.

Flu Express

Check out the online weekly report which monitors and summarises the latest local and global influenza activities.

Avian Influenza Report

This online weekly report highlights global avian influenza activities in humans and birds.

EV Scan

This online weekly report summarises the surveillance findings of local hand, foot and mouth disease and enterovirus 71 infections.

Report on IPD

This online monthly report summarises the surveillance findings of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) cases reported to the Centre for Health Protection.

COVID-19 Thematic Website

In order to allow members of the public to keep abreast of the development of the pandemic and have good preparation for its control and prevention, the Government has launched a one-stop platform “COVID-19 Thematic Website” . The website
integrates news updates from related bureaux and departments and serves to broadcast the latest updates on COVID-19.

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