Drug Abuse & Other Addictions

Drug Abuse & Other Addictions

Drug Abuse

Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation

This webpage introduces the various types of programmes for drug treatment and rehabilitation.

Services for Young Drug Abusers

This webpage lists out the drug treatment and rehabilitation services for the youth.

Drug Abuse

Learn more about drug abuse and obtain anti-drugs education materials here.

Methadone Clinics

Learn about the details of services provided by the Methadone Clinics.

Central Registry of Drug Abuse and Drug Statistics

More about drug abuse and drug statistics.

Quitting Smoking & Tobacco Control

Quitting Smoking & Tobacco Control

Learn about what the Government has done to control smoking and how to quit the habit if you are a smoker.

Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health

In this website you can find information on tobacco control, legislation and promotional activities.

Other Addictions

Alcohol and Health

Here you can learn about the harmful effects of alcohol use, how to drink sensibly and where to seek help when you find yourself alcohol-dependent.

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals addiction counseling Services

Check out this website for treatments and related information on various types of addictions.

Last review date: January 2018