Support for Business to Fight Downturn

Here you can have an overview of the assistance and support that the Government has to offer to the business sector to help you fight the economic downturn.

Funding Schemes for SMEs

The Government offers various funding schemes to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Each of the schemes is designated to meet different business needs, such as guarantee for bank loans, sponsorship for export marketing activities and funding for SME development projects. A Special Loan Guarantee Scheme is also implemented to help Hong Kong enterprises tide over the liquidity problem during the global financial crisis. You can choose the scheme that best suits your needs.

More about SME Funding Schemes

Other Government Funding Schemes

Apart from the funding schemes catered for the SMEs, the Government also offers a range of support services to encourage design, innovation and technology adoption in business sector. Check out the webpage below for a list of services that you can choose.

Other government funding schemes

Export Credit Insurance to Support Exporters

To ensure safer trade, exporters should manage credit risk prudently amid export market fluctuation. The Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC) provides a wide range of insurance facilities for Hong Kong exporters of goods and services trading on credit terms with overseas buyers. The facilities are to cover non-payment risks for goods exported and services rendered arising from commercial and political events and help them conduct export business with peace of mind.

With effect from 1 March 2016, the ECIC’s “Small Business Policy” (SBP) offers permanent concessions, including annual policy fee waiver and premium discount to help SMEs reduce operating costs and enhance their competitiveness in the industry. The SBP caters for exporting companies with an annual turnover of less than $50 million.

More information about SBP

The ECIC’s Weekly Market News on its website provides exporters with information about the latest development in overseas markets. In addition, the ECIC has been providing timely measures to support exporters according to market changes, including annual policy fee waiver and six buyer credit assessments for free so that Hong Kong exporters, in particular SMEs, can obtain orders under effective credit risk management.

Weekly Market NewsFree Credit Check

Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS)

SUCCESS provides SMEs with a comprehensive range of business information, advice and facilities. It is the first stop to fill your needs if you are looking for free business information and practical consultation services.


Business Matching Service

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) offers customised services to help you find potential business partners and open market in China. You can also make an enquiry online.

More about Business Matching Service

Online Promotion Platform

The Internet can bring your business to the world. You can promote your products and services on the online platform provided by the HKTDC and get in touch with potential buyers around the globe. Check out the service on the link below.

Online promotion platform of HKTDC

Know the Market, Grab the Chance

Market Information is always the key to a successful business. Visit HKTDC’s webpage Market Intelligence for the latest news and analysis about global trade, policies, opportunities and developments to get a better picture of the economy and market and hence inspiration of business ideas.

Online market information

Intellectual Property Trading & Management

The Intellectual Property Department (IPD) has launched the “Intellectual Property (IP) Manager Scheme”, which aims at assisting Hong Kong enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises to build up their IP manpower capacity and to grasp the opportunities brought by IP trading. 

To meet the development needs of the enterprises, the Scheme PLUS provides more comprehensive and in-depth IP training courses. It caters for specific duties and career development needs of IP Managers and helps to establish their expertise and skills.  Enterprises will also be able to enhance its competitiveness and create more economic benefits through innovation and IP exploitation. More about IP Manager Scheme PLUS and IP Training Courses.


The Intellectual Property Department (IPD), with support from the Law Society of Hong Kong, provides FREE One-On-One IP Consultation Service for Hong Kong small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a view to assisting Hong Kong SMEs to raise their awareness of intellectual property (IP), as well as to develop effective IP management and commercialization strategies and to deal with possible challenges in the competitive environment.

A 45-minute face-to-face Consultation Service will be delivered by practising solicitors of the Law Society of Hong Kong (“Advisor”).  Advisory areas cover IP registration, IP management, IP licensing and IP due diligence. More about Free Intellectual Property Consultation Service.

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