System Requirements for Using GovHK

System Requirements for Using GovHK

The webpages on GovHK are viewable on most modern browsers. GovHK follows the HTML 5 standard and does not make use of browser-specific features. However, each device displays fonts slightly differently and some users may have adjusted the default font size and screen resolution on their devices. As a result, the webpages on GovHK may be displayed differently on devices with different configurations.

The webpages on GovHK are best viewed with the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. To update your browsers, please visit one of the websites listed below:

Microsoft Edge Product Home Page
Mozilla Firefox Product Home Page
Safari Product Home Page
Google Chrome Product Home Page

For the best viewing experience, we suggest that you enable JavaScript and allow cookies on your browser. If you disable JavaScript and cookies, some GovHK webpages may not be displayed properly.

The webpages on GovHK are accessible to browsers via Internet connection using Internet Protocol version 4(IPv4) or Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).  (To learn about the IPv6 development in Hong Kong, please see IPv6 deployment.)

There are additional system requirements for using online services on GovHK. Please see the section System Requirements for GovHK Online Services for further details.

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