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  • Green Procurement

    • As early as year 2000, the Government amended its procurement regulations to require bureaux and departments to take into account environmental considerations when procuring goods and services. Specifically, bureaux and departments are encouraged to avoid single-use disposable items, and purchase products:

      • with improved recyclability, higher recycled content, reduced packaging, greater durability, and greater energy efficiency;

      • that utilize clean technology and/or clean fuels;

      • that result in reduced water consumption;

      • that emit fewer irritating or toxic substances during installation or use; and

      • that result in reduced production of toxic substances, or less toxic substances, upon disposal.

    • The Government has also prepared a set of green products specifications for reference by suppliers.

    • Suppliers may wish to take note of Government's policy on green procurement and recommended green product specifications in their product offerings and design. For more information, please refer to Current Government Green Procurement Practice.

      Current Government Green Procurement Practice

  • Use of Code Standard

    • To facilitate automated process and the compilation of statistical information, the Programme has adopted the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) standard to categorize the suppliers and product and service items for the participating B/Ds. According to the standard coding scheme, suppliers and their products and services will be categorized into three levels and four levels respectively.

      UNSPSC website

    • Suppliers who use the UNSPSC to classify their products and services will enable their products and services to be more easily recognised by Government users when they conduct products/services research before planning a procurement activity.

    • New suppliers are required to classify their products and services when submitting their applications for inclusion in the supplier list of the participating B/Ds. The selected codes will be verified by the Government. Should there be any discrepancies found, we will contact the suppliers to confirm the classification.

    • Suppliers can refer to PDF document of UNSPSC in helping them to determine the correct classification of their product and service items based an UNSPSC.

      PDF document of UNSPSC

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