How to Join

How to Join our Programme to access e-Procurement services


  • If you are already a supplier/contractor of any one of the participating B/Ds (including supplier of the Government Logistics Department), you can simply apply for a set of Activation ID and PIN for free. You can then activate through the e-Procurement System.

    Apply for a set of Activation ID and PIN

    Account Activation

  • If you are not yet a supplier/contractor of the above, you may consider contacting the participating B/Ds with which you are now doing business or through Doing Business with the Government website for applying for inclusion in the supplier list. For enquiry, you can contact our hotline service. Once your application is accepted, you can enroll to use our e-services which is free of charge.

    Participating B/Ds

    Doing Business with the Government

  • After successful activation, you should then create your own user ID and password for accessing the e-Procurement System.

  • For any enquiry, please contact our hotline service

    e-Procurement Hotline

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