Working in Hong Kong

Working in Hong Kong

Taxation in Hong Kong

Fluid Grids

Employees, Office Holders & Self-Employed

Learn more about Hong Kong salaries tax and tax obligations for the self-employed.

Tax Obligations for Non-Residents Working in Hong Kong

This article will give you details on chargeable and non-chargeable income, and tax clearance when leaving Hong Kong.

Tax Obligations for Non-Residents Working in Hong Kong

Double Taxation Relief

Learn more about double taxation relief in Hong Kong.

Average Exchange Rates of Major Foreign Currencies for Salaries Tax Purposes

Salaries tax is calculated in Hong Kong dollars. If a taxpayer receives chargeable income or incurs deductible expense in foreign currency, he / she has to report in equivalent amount of the income or expense in Hong Kong dollars in his / her tax return. Here you can find the average exchange rates of major foreign currencies.

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